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Author Topic: Regarding Accomplishments  (Read 2928 times)

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« on: February 14, 2005, 10:17:54 PM »

I really dig this part of the game and I wanted to write a post about what I try to do with 'em when I run Dogs.  

1) Have a conflict

What's great about the accomplishment is that its a nice safe conflict and they get to see how the system works.  Great stuff.

2) Some lessons

There are a few Watchdog lessons I like to bake into the accomplishments, all from the text of the book:

a) "We don't care about you, we care about the congregation in the Vineyard you are going to ride out and protect.

b) "Sometimes you have to cut off the arm in order to save the body."

c) "You are Watchdogs of the Lord and have a Divine Mandate from the King of God to judge the sins of your brothers and sisters in the Vineyard."

I make some of the accomplishments cruel and fucked up...asking them to convert their sibling from their heathen ways or shoot them, an exorcism under terribly stressful conditions of their dearest friend, brutal hostage situations with ruthless banditos, rioting crowds, etc.

3) Set a villain

Nothing makes a villain more potent and cool than having them be there from the PC's first moments.  I have found that NPC's set up in the accomplishment are particularly potent once they set out on the trail.

Those with backgrounds that include heathen families, I try to get a family member to visit the Dogs' Temple in order to talk them out of their calling.  S'good stuff, this accomplishment mechanic.

I dig it.

Accomplishments that have happened:

 - Your heathen sister has visited the Dogs' Temple, force her to repent her heathen ways or...*metallic thud as pistol is placed on the table* do what is necessary

Accomplishment:  I believe it was win a fight with a heathen using only words and logic.

 - Your gun instructor who hates you and resents your skill finds a sick fella, one of the Mountain Folk, near the shooting range and aims to take him out of his misery right in front you.

Accomplishment:  Show mercy during training.

 - Cruel Dog-in-Training is caught by the PC having sex on his dead Pa, a former dog's, grave.  A fight and arm-breaking ensue. Good stuff.

Accomplishment: Make Pa proud.

The trick, I think, is making them hook the player into the story, set the tone.  Hopefully they introduce an NPC but some might just inroduce an idea or inner conflict and that's super-cool too.

I think there is a relationship between accomplishments and kickers.  They are distant cousins but the blood's there between 'em.  They get their bonus d6.

Thoughts?  Things you've noticed during accomplishments?

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