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Problem with Link in Signature

Started by Andrew Cooper, February 21, 2005, 01:32:27 PM

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Andrew Cooper

This is just a small website problem I seem to be having.  My signature contains a link to the website of a game I am working on, it isn't working exactly right.  I made the href code on the HTML point to but the site automatically is inserting www.indie-rpgs.con/ in front of it.  Is there any way to stop this behavior?


Did you enter it as:
[url=]Earth of the Fourth Sun[/url] a fantasy role-playing game.
I suspect you didn't add the "http://" thus the computer thinks that the link is to a sub-directory of the current site (ie,
--Timothy Walters Kleinert


I think if you designate the entire url (i.e. "") it should work differently.  But I will admit that I haven't (myself) tried to link to a URL that doesn't start with "www", so maybe that's the issue instead.
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Andrew Cooper

Yup.  Not putting in the http:// was screwing it up.  Thanks.