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UnderWorld-y stuff

Started by GMSkarka, February 21, 2002, 04:52:23 PM

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Just thought I'd share some links that folks have sent along to me, that are of interest to UnderWorld fans:

An Automated UnderWorld Character Generator

The Official Site of the Twin-Cities UnderWorld LARP

 A Miami New Times article from 1997 about the myths being spread nation-wide among children in homeless shelters...very cool. (actually....this one is great fodder for creating Legendaries in UW.  I've also heard that it's under treatment for a possible movie.)

Hell-Cat Maggie, a historical figure:  a member of the NYC gangs around the turn of the century.  

A Collection of Urban Fantasy Links

Well, that's a good enough start.   So, let's hear from you guys: post your favorite UnderWorld-fodder here!

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Adamant Entertainment


There's a whole lot of reference material on the urban exploration sites... check out">Infiltration and">Dark Passage">This is another good starting point...

Noel">Mr. Even's Analytical Lexicon of Fumonyms is full of inspirational steampunky goodness for artificiers!


Here's another cool link for UnderWorld stuff:

A random title generator:

Great for coming up with titles for Lords and others in the UnderWorld.  For example, ten random results:

1:  Supplicant of The Christopher Walken Bank and Trust, S. Francis de la Lichtenthal

2:  Mighty Knight of Very Little, Master Pollux Nelson

3:  Pasha of The Ministry of Haberdashers, P. Zuul Mustard

4:  Grand Priestess Emeritus of Wee Ceramic Kittens, Haley Bauer

5:  Royal Ambassador of The Black Army of Objectivism, F. E. Fuller XI

6:  Bard of Yesterday Morning, W. "Magic Marker" Morissette

7:  Friar of Black Helicopters, Caleb Cummings

8:  Alderman of The Sidewalk Coalition, H. B. Kline

9:  Mecha-Abbot of The Ministry of Pimpin' Hos, John Reepicheep Leventhal

10:  Funkmistress of The Black Army of Mysterious Briefcases, Melanie Themeke

See what I mean?  This is friggin' PERFECT!

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Adamant Entertainment

Ben Morgan

-----[Ben Morgan]-----[]-----
"I cast a spell! I wanna cast... Magic... Missile!"  -- Galstaff, Sorcerer of Light

Jürgen Mayer

Quote from: GMSkarka
Mighty Knight of Very Little
Funkmistress of The Black Army of Mysterious Briefcases

Two incredibly cool instant characters! Rock!

Also check out the "They fight crime!" random generator mentioned in another forum:

Just tried it and it gave me: "He's a suicidal hunchbacked cowboy.  She's a beautiful impetuous politician living homeless in New York's sewers. They fight crime!"

Hey, this could even fit the Mighty Knight and the Funkmistress!

Jürgen Mayer
Jürgen Mayer
Disaster Machine Productions

Michael Newman

Click on "Visite Virtuelle."  The links in the first grey box are to photos.  The links in the other boxes are to clickable maps; each link is to multiple photos.  I have lost count of how many.

And then there is the video.

Wooga.  I love the internet.


Here's a great drawing of a junkman villain


More fodder for your imagination: The "Carceri d'Invenzione" engravings by Giovanni Piranesi done in the 18th century look like places you'd find in the Underworld.


Quote from: NoelMore fodder for your imagination: The "Carceri d'Invenzione" engravings by Giovanni Piranesi done in the 18th century look like places you'd find in the Underworld.

That's some great stuff....

I think I'm going to have to look into where these are now collected, to check into reproduction permission for UW2.

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Adamant Entertainment


Something that I found on MetaFilter earlier in the week: @149st, a site about graffiti in NYC. It has a ton of links, most of which I haven't had time to explore, but at the very least it should provide some imagery and lingo to use.



Someone just posted this over at and I think I've seen it before so i'm sure others have as well but it is just so underworld that it deserves reposting

check it out

To Truly understand the universe one must learn to think in all seven dimensions.


Yeah, that's a pretty cool one.  I just printed it out here at work, so I can add it to my file of UnderWorld stuff.

I'm always looking for more stuff like that.  Instant adventure ideas.

Gareth-Michael Skarka
Adamant Entertainment


I submitted Dimensional's link to a blog (">BoingBoing) that I thought would like it... a few days later it showed up on">Bruce Sterling's blog, and then today on Metafilter where the community has turned up a slew or">related links.

Kinda fun to a watch a meme">propagate through the web in real-time!


Gareth-Michael Skarka
Adamant Entertainment