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Underworld Characters

Started by Noel, July 18, 2002, 07:40:41 PM

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Here's an idea for a character that I've been playing with:

"The Self-Made Man"
A junkman artificer obsessed with the idea of self-improvement, and with his eventual goal of walking on the surface world as a human.  Towards this goal he continually builds new bodies for himself which he then transplants his own mechanical brain into.  No one knows how he originally came into being, but there are rumours that he began as a fizzer that somehow learned how to modify itself, and some insist that splitting open his head would reveal the original pop can.
His current body resembles a victorian gentleman in a voluminous felt cloak and iron top hat.  His face is a rusty mask with a sharp nose and two glowing coals for eyes.  Under the cloak he has many specialized arms with various tools, weapons, blades and lenses attached, although he can only use two arms at a time so the rest stay retracted against his torso, waiting to be 'slotted'.
He is hard at work on his next body (a human looking figure with plastic bags for skin) and can often be met wandering the Underworld looking for a specific part or tool that he needs to progress.

Any feedback would be great!