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Breaking records

Started by Clinton R. Nixon, May 24, 2001, 05:49:00 PM

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Clinton R. Nixon

I just wanted everyone to know how active the board's been--I know you've seen it in post volume, but here's some raw stats:

Yesterday, we had 15,685 page views on the Forge as a whole. That's absolutely stunning. We transmitted over 85 megabytes of data, which doesn't sound like that terribly much until you realize that it was 85 megabytes of text-only data. That's a tremendous amount, and the turnout's been amazing. (We've actually used up half of our available bandwidth for the month--750 MB out of 1.5 gigabytes.)

I want to thank everyone for their contributions. I really think we're doing something important here--we're inventing the independent RPG scene.

Special thanks go to Jared, whose link to indie-rpgs on his site have brought over a substantial amount of hits.
Clinton R. Nixon
CRN Games

Zak Arntson

As a relative newcomer, I'd like to thank everyone on this forum (especially Clinton, for hosting the thing!).  As a long-time roleplayer, I often by fringe games solely because they're _different_ than the mainstream.

And then with the Internet, I've spent hours combing for good homemade rpgs.

And now, with this blossoming Indie scene being helped considerably by the Internet, this next decade may become one for Indie games.  (or, if there is some sort of 20 year rule in gaming, the 70's=D&D, 90's=Vampire, 10's=Indie)


I just wanted everyone to know that I've been cruising about and I now know what some of you look like.  I also have a disturbingly in-depth look at Clinton's life and thoughts.

For the love of Satan, I am more than slightly disturbed.