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PM as spam?

Started by charlesperez, March 26, 2005, 10:51:51 PM

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What is the Forge policy regarding spam sent via PM? I've got someone trolling for web site hits myself.


Peter Nordstrand


I've had the same problem myself. Once. I've contacted Ron about it and he promised to post something here about it, which I'm sure he will do.

All the best,
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Ron Edwards


Actually, all I have in mind at the moment is to call for discussion ...

... because present policy just says "ignore it." Every time you get one, just trash it and move on, as with regular email spam.

I'm not sure if any sort of meaningful filter is possible, or if possible, practical. Clinton can tell us about that.

So, is any other sort of policy worth discussing and pursuing? I tend toward the idea that any attention toward spammers merely fuels them, but I'm willing to see what others say.


Andrew Morris

I agree with Ron on this. Ignoring spam is the best policy. As far as I've seen, any filters just set a line somewhere on a spectrum. Very aggressive filters tend to block valid email (or PMs in this case), while a filter that lets in anything that might be valid also tends to let in spam.
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Doug Ruff

Also agreed, with the possible exception of someone who keeps spamming you from the same account. (Note: this hasn't happened, to my knowledge.)
Do we need a special policy for repeat offenders? I know it's not policy to ban anyone, but is there a line?
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Ron Edwards


If you've been receiving email spam, and if you haven't let me know either privately or here in this thread, then please send me a PM about it. We seem to have acquired a recurrent source recently.


Jason Lee

So I says to myself, "Self, who on this earth, specifically The Forge part of the earth, could possibly have sent you a personal message?"  


"Oh, it's spam."

Looks like he might have, or will shortly, dump the message to your whole user list.  Unfortunately my twitchy fingers deleted it, so I don't have the username of the account it was sent from.
- Cruciel

Ron Edwards


Let me know about it through private message, folks.