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Author Topic: Playing Sorcerer: Alchemist  (Read 1737 times)

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« on: April 03, 2005, 03:18:14 AM »

After a very long time, I'm finally getting to play my Sorcerer Alchemist setting, as a one-on-one game ran by my brother. Its on session two and it's been incredibly kickass. I'm mostly posting this as a love letter to Ron Edwards, and an oppourtunity to gush about something that happened:

The Sorcerer: Dr. Delroy Kaiser.
His Sister: One of the most important people to him, who has been monstrously deformed and at the brink of death.
The Demon: Rings made out of the Philosopher's Stone, which craves demonic activity, demons to be made, bound, etc.

So last session Delroy cured a swath of plague victims, and for it he's being honored at a foppish ball. Among all the gathered people coming to greet him, he notices a man with a very pretty wife, who appears to be a demon, Delroy takes her out to dance and finds out that she's serving as a doppleganger for that man's wife who fell ill.

Delroy uses his ring's Hint ability, to deliver hallucinitory messages to the husband to that effect, and than takes the woman and leaves.

I've been playing up Delroy being a pretty happy Sorcerer and Bastard so far, so his Humanity's been dipping to 2 and what comes next makes a lot of sense: He tells the woman that he is a far more skilled alchemist than her husband, and will therefore be taking her as his own. He's burned her bridges with the man, so she's got no choice.

I say I want to take several hours to set up a sorcerous ritual with a make-do lab in some warehouse, with all sorts of weird knives and bottles of acid there. Delroy's rearranging some of the nasty looking chemicals, and than tells the doppleganger "The woman you pretended to be is gone. I've also lost someone very dear to me, and you shall now be a replacement for her." I'm playing this up as cause for the demon to want to Boost Will for my next move, which the GM agrees with.

Next action: Delroy completes the ritual, by smashing a flask of specially-prepared acid into the doppleganger, which counts as a Banish, with the Ring's boost. As she dissolves, the Rings force his hand to give him a nasty punch in the mouth for the betrayal. Afterwards Delroy stammers up, kicking over some equpiment, and I say in a really confident, disdainful tone "That thing ain't my sister."
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