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good inspiration for UW

Started by Jürgen Mayer, March 01, 2002, 03:39:44 PM

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Jürgen Mayer

I recently read a cool comic which has some nice ideas and characters who just scream to be used in an Underworld campaign. It's called Steampunk: Manimatron, by Christopher Bachalo and Joe Kelly, from Cliffhanger Productions, and it is set in an alternate history steampunkish London. It would be no problem to just take the setting and put it into London Underworld. The comic has some very nice characters, like the evil Dr. Absinthe, his assassin Faust or the Iron Monk and it features some cool inventions every artificier would be proud of, like steampunk-cybertech or the Iron Monk's machine which can extract the soul of human being's body.

All in all nice stuff, ready to be ripped off for my Underworld campaign =)
and a recommended read.

Jürgen Mayer
Jürgen Mayer
Disaster Machine Productions

Peter Hollinghurst

First off-hi-I just bought the 1st edition of Underworld-fantastic! It has made me do some hard thinking about a rpg I have been working on for a few years thats crosses over with Underworld on a few points (hardly suprising since there are more than a few shared influences). So, I thought I would share some of the sources of inspirational material I gathered in case anyone here finds them interesting!
First off-the excellent 'Roofworld' by Christopher Fowler. Ok-so its up above, not down below, but it has the right kind of feel. Maybe they get the power for magic channeled up pipes and tv aerials or something? The book works on the assumption that people hardly ever look up at whats going on above them, and features a whole society of outcasts living and fighting on the rooftops.
Another book is 'Down Town' by Viido Polikarpus and Tappan King. Whole parts of the past live on underneath NYC from gaslights and the crystal palace to the robber barons of wall street... A childrens book, not all that well written imo, but maybe worth checking out.
I'll dredge through my weblinks and books for some more if anyone is interested. I also have a ton of material for a London underworld.


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