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collecting data: Fear, Reason, etc. and length of game

Started by Paul Czege, March 05, 2004, 06:17:30 PM

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Michael S. Miller

Quote from: Paul CzegeSo...I continue to get requests from folks for guidance in setting Fear and Reason, and about the allocation of starting Love, out of interest in configuring their games for a set number of sessions. And I honestly would like to help. But it's a pretty complex set of variables. And so I think I need to collect some data. Then maybe I can do up a some Excel chartjunk or something.

And, well, that's where you come in. If you've played My Life with Master to honest completion, could you reply here with the following:
    Starting value for Fear
    Starting value for Reason
    Initial Love points allocated per minion
    This is actually for the game I ran at Dreamation and the one at Ubercon. Both had the same stats:

    2 Fear
    3 Reason
    1 Love
    5 minions
    1 Innocents
    1 session (less than four hours from Master creation to Epilogues)
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Adam Dray

In case you're still collecting data:

From my Actual Play post, [MLwM] The Evil Artifact of Dr. Forrester:

3 Fear (lowered to 2 mid-game)
5 Reason
2 Love
4 Minions
0 Innocents
1 Session (5-6 hours including creation of Master and minions and explaining the rules to new players)
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I played my first game last night as a quick one-shot... I may write up an Actual Play post shortly, but for data collection purposes:

3 Fear
3 Reason
1 Love
3 Minions
0 Innocents
1 Session (About 3.5hrs, including Master creation & rules briefing)

But I felt that the session was quite rushed, and I think it should have lasted about 4-5hrs at a more comfortable pace.