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TQB - Anthropamorphic troubles

Started by Matt Gwinn, May 09, 2005, 03:33:28 PM

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Matt Gwinn

After working on characters for The Questing Beast some of us are having a really hard time associating animals with the characters.  It's not that we can't assign Forms, we're just having trouble seeing them when we discuss or write backgrounds for the characters.

For example, I just read Tom's page and a half background and I didn't once envision his character as a skunk.  In fact, when I try to do so I find myself distracted from the actual story.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Do you have to be big into anthropamorphic stuff to use this aspect of the game successfully?

Are there any tricks or suggestions that might help us here?

Do we even need that part of the game to play?

,Matt Gwinn
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I'm not a big fan of furries myself.  But I've often thought that should I play TQB the first thing I would do is get ahold of a copy of Disney's Robin Hood and make everyone watch it.



More than simply anthro, it helps in every game if you can get a sketch or a picture.  If you're lacking that, a literary device often used is to re-emphasize character features on a regular basis- "His tail sweeped back as he reached for his sword" etc.