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Is it OK to talk about non-commercial game ideas here?

Started by Danny_K, May 27, 2005, 10:43:50 PM

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OK, I've made my share of faux pas in this forum, so before I make one more I'm going to ask in the appropriate place.  

I have a game idea I've been kicking around on RPG.Net for a week or so now, for a variation on the Wushu Open rules.  This started off as a conversion, but I'm now thinking I'd like to make it a free-standing flavor of Wushu, which I could then publish online or as a PDF.  I don't believe the Wushu Open license allows one to charge for it, and I honestly don't think I'd want to.  

This is probably as close to being a "real game designer" that I'll ever get -- is this an acceptable subject to post on in the Indie Design Forum?
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Having a published game simply means making it available for other people whom you don't really know to play.  Posting a completed game on a website for free is totally within the scope of the Forge.

That said, I'm puzzled by your differentiation of this and a "real" game designer.

What more do you think you'd need to do before you'd feel "real".

Design a game, make it available for people to play, people play it.

Seems pretty "real" to me.


Thanks for the quick reply.  Now for the hard work of having something worthwhile to say.
I believe in peace and science.


In point of fact, the Wushu Open license _does_ permit commercial publication :)
There's no "Share Alike" clause, either.

L8r, --Dan

P.S. If you're talking about the God-Fu setting, I'll have to start checking these forums more often!
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