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Author Topic: [DitV] IRC dicebot  (Read 2671 times)

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« on: May 21, 2005, 12:57:04 AM »

I've been writing, over the past few days, an IRC dicebot to use for Dogs in the Vineyard.

Currently: it'll roll dice and keep track of them, allow you to raise and see.  I don't currently deal with Fallout, and I'm not planning for it to keep track of character sheets or turn order.

It's available at http://www.barbermoose.net/dicebot.pl and based on a GPL'd dicebot, the information is in the credits in comments at the top. [edit]2 notes here: 1) download from the location, not attempt to run :) and 2) http://www.fiftyvolts.com/dicebot.shtml is where I got the initial script. diff at http://www.barbermoose.net/dicebot.diff [/edit]

To run the program, use ./dicebot.pl [gm's name] [botname] [channel] [irc address] [irc port].  Only the gm's name is needed, but the others will go in sequence.

When you log in, as gm, you'll need to do $botname give dice $playername for each player.  That is, if the dicebot is named dicebot, and you have player "lazarus", dicebot give dice lazarus to add the user to the dicebot's list of listeners.

dicebot help will show basic usage information.

... this is one of the few games I read that made me go instantly "I _must_ find a way to play this!" :)

I'm taking suggestions on how to handle Fallout syntax.  Currently I've thought of two:

in the raise command, have dicebot raise <value 1> <value 2> dx.  Also allowing dicebot raise <value 1> dx for single-die raises.

have a separate fallout dx command that will change the die of fallout.

Whatever syntax I use there, roll fallout will roll your fallout dice, and it will automatically add the correct number of the correct die type (as told to it) to your Fallout Dice.

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