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[Otherkind] Moonlight value

Started by Solamasa, June 01, 2005, 01:20:54 PM

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In anticipation of a potential up-coming Otherkind game:

Does the numerical value of a person's Moonlight have a use outside of determining if that person will be unhappy in an Iron 3+ environment?  (Well, other than, I presume, acting as a metric for determining how "Moonlighty" a person feels to otherkind.)

I ask because of this line in the rules:  
QuoteYou might make a woodswoman with Moonlight 3 in argument with a young priest with Iron 2; attacked, they'll fight together, as a group with Iron 2 and Moonlight 3.
This implies that the Moonlight number itself has some use in the conflict roll, but, unless I'm missing something, that use isn't explained.  Should it be treated as Iron for Safety/Motion purposes?

Thank you!
- Kit


I used to have some scheme for how moonlight would be used mechanically, but in the words of Ben Lehman, that was all long ago and now there are none who remember it.

How about this, it's totally just off the top of my head: if you kill anybody when there's someone with moonlight present, you check off as many "I killed people" boxes as their moonlight, instead of just 1.

That might be cool, might really suck and be lame, I have no idea. It's pretty fierce, either way.



Thank you for the interesting reply!

If nothing else, this idea would quite effectively reinforce the "Moonlight exists to complicate the situation" angle.  The world can be such a cruel place!

Anyway, because the possibility of such cruelty amuses me, I look forward to testing the idea.  If the other players' eyes bleed, I'll let you know.
- Kit