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Author Topic: [The Pool] Questions about +2 and +3 traits  (Read 5471 times)

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« on: July 16, 2005, 09:32:21 AM »

Hi there!

I've never played The Pool, but I'm planning to and reading up on it.

In Ron's review of The Pool, he says the following:

Quote from: Ron Edwards
It turns out to be silly to buy traits any higher than +1.

Why is that? I don't understand.

One thing which occured to me is that you could buy a +2 or even +3 trait designed to replenish your pool after a crash, i.e. as broad as the GM allows and inherently harmless (to avoid getting hosed, though a creative GM will find a way), e.g. "likes to tell everybody about his tour in Vietnam +2", "bites his fingernails +1" etc.?

Granted, these are not good traits - "obsessed with Vietnam" and "displays neurotic behaviour under stress (e.g. biting fingernails)" are probably better -, but I fear that I wouldn't see them as problematic. They just sound like harmless colour.


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