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My First Game.... with no name.

Started by Andrew Cooper, June 06, 2005, 02:28:33 PM

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This system seems like it would be best at simulating movie-like stories.

By which, of course, I mean a relatively short story with a definitive beginning and end, with a plot that is the sort of thing you'd find in a movie.

Movies especially like this:

1) Heist Movies: You know, a group of guys wants to steal something, but each and every one of them wants it for himself. Usually one, or more, undergo many minor setbacks during the course of the movie. Then, at the end, they use all the power they've accumulated and reveal, in probably a big flashback sequence, the grand plan which led them to victory despite seeming to be weak. Spy Movies would even work the same way, just with different motivations and goals.

2) Action Movies: This one's the epitome of "try, try again". Fight against insurmountable odds, get into worse situations for it, then fight your way out.

You could even do Romantic Comedies, though it seems you don't like that kind of movie.

Basically, it seems to me like the system you have could be great for one-shots. To maintain the movie feel, you might even do something like set up a real world time limit and, with reference to that, constantly increase the stakes of your conflicts until the time limit is up, at which point the whole thing is on the line, success or failure at the entire enterprise, wrapping up your "movie" plot.

I'm  not sure how well it would do in a multi-session type of game. Though my opinion shouldn't stop you. Try it. If you like it, go for it.

Andrew Cooper

I've got a website up for the game.

Andrew's Little Game

I'll do my editing of game text there so everyone can see the current version.  I've also thought a good bit about Tony's questions and read some of the other threads dealing with Core Plot and have become fairly convinced that I need to add mechanisms in the game to focus play in that manner.  So, thanks Tony for asking things (even if I was clueless at the time).