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Optional Game Systems?

Started by Jürgen Mayer, March 11, 2002, 12:46:15 PM

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Jason L Blair

Quote from: GMSkarkaActually, the conversions are part of the vision, in as much as they are there to demonstrate that the setting kicks so much ass, that it will, as you say, "rock the fiznuck on" regardless of the rules system involved.

Cool. When I read you were going to pursue multiple systems for conversion purposes, I got the feeling that might be it.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer


Quote from: GMSkarkaHell, I've even thought about running the optional rules (D20, or any others) not as appendixes, but as running sidebars throughout the book, thereby making sure that there is usable, straightforward UW material on every page, for those folks who don't care about the conversions.
I feel the opposite way - I'd rather have any conversion information tucked into the back, where I don't have to read it if I don't want it. Having d20 and other system stats in sidebars is probably the better solution for attracting d20 players, though. I worry about parts of the layout being too cluttered with optional bits and pieces, but I'm sure that you also share this concern so I won't belabour it.

What would be totally cool is an UnderWorld: The Basics book, a 16-32 pager with the barest of starter info, the Head Count system, d20 rules, and <Insert Other System> rules, in the vein of GURPS: Lite. Probably impractical as a print publication, but maybe more feasible as a web download?


I, too, would prefer to see the D20 rules as an appendix, tucked out of the way ;-)