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New game: storyboard

Started by Ferry Bazelmans, May 31, 2001, 10:25:00 AM

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Ferry Bazelmans

New to the board, perhaps not to the names ]:).

I posted a new RPG on">The BlackLight Bar. You''ll find it under Games-Free Games.

It's largely concerned with telling a story without any sort of mathematic intervention for task resolution. In fact, I don't think the game has such as thing as task resolution. Only conflict resolution.


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The BlackLight Bar, home of Soap: the game of soap opera mayhem.
Now available as a $2.95 Adobe PDF (Paypal only)

Ron Edwards

Very good stuff, so far - I only took a quick look, but I can see another "hey, let's try this Crayne game" session looming ahead.

Between you and Jared, it's a wonder I ever get around to working on my own games.

More (and substantial) comments later.


P.S. Conflict resolution is what it's all about for certain brands of play (Narrativism and Gamism, specifically). Trying to generate conflict-resolution out of a task-resolution system is very painful - and yet it seems to be the ground-rules assumption for most RPGs.


"I've never liked "draw from a bag" mechanics in actual play. They're cumbersome, time-consuming, people drop the fucking pieces, people forget to put them back, and on and on.

A lot about Golem sounds fun and useful, in the inimitable Memento-mori fashion, but that aspect of it gets up my nose."

Sorry Ron, but I just had to drop that quote on you.  :smile:

So what's different with Storyboard, than say, Golem, or WYRD (both of which utilize variations on the same mechanic)?  I'm just curious to hear what the professor has to say (okay, I'm biased, in the case of all three games...)

Did I mention that Elfs is the coolest thing ever?

That is, until I get my copy of Sorceror at GenCon.  :smile:

Take care,

Ron Edwards

Hey Scott,

I fall back on my claim that one never KNOWS about a game until actually playing it. (Damn profs always have a comeback, don't they??)

What's happened though, is that all the discussion about the other games you mention loosened up my thinking about the token/bag method a little. Your writeup bumped me the right way into thinking, well hell, let's try this out.