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Author Topic: "Blood Bounty: Ultra Violent & Rated R  (Read 17159 times)

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« on: July 29, 2005, 03:34:11 PM »


Well I have ghosted this site for the past year, wating, watching, thinking...thinking on the subject of how to introduce myself and my game. So this thred marks the first time I have publically presented Blood Bounty.

Blood Bounty has come from the minds of three indi-freeks who have spent the past 11 years designing and play testing the game. The game has never been shopped around or printed in professional book format, but it has gone through 3 addtions, and now is close to being finished in its 4th addition format.

this addtion we will publish. How? prolly POD, but that i dont know, alls i know is i spend over 4 hours a day typeing the rules, creating the art, and play-testing the damn thing.

we have a wonderful group of about 15 people who come in and out of the table-group (since this style of game allows free-floating-players to come and go) and are offically additced to the gaem (three players have Blood bounty tatoos already, and one more is getting his soon).

i will be posting much about the game in this thred. i wont be spending space, time or energy into posting multible threds, pissing people off left n right or jumping around. (i will possibly post in the 'actual game play' forum, but thats it)

this post is not ment to get indepth to the game...but its here to introduce me and my crew who have spent the past decade making this game to feed our desires in what we wished to always see in a game.

the game is ultra violent, often comical in content and rated 'R' for now. the game is competitive, and usually kills players, npcs and mosters in quicker rates then most games...but that will be explained.

alls i ask, is you allow me this thred, allow me an open minded eye, and allow me the freedom to post about the adventure of making this game....we promise, its gunna be published, and its gunna be diffrent and worth a play or two (but usually our players beg for a session like crack rock)

i know..you have heard all this before..and hey, you might be right in your rolling of eyes....but please....trust me...ive dedicated over 10 years to making this game with my crew of designers..and we re-made it 4 times just to make it feel "perfect" to the eye and to play...

the game will be about 250-pages (200 pages are already done and the game is fully playable now, i assume 250 just to be safe).

all the art is done by me and 3 others who are very talented in the feild of inks, paints, n computer art...

and the game is just plain psycho-fun for that small nitch market of players who we know will enjoy the game.

thats all ill type for now....forgive the typos and errors in spelling, lucky for me i am not the editor of the book (thats a kid named Ferg)

Ron Edwards
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« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2005, 03:51:58 PM »

Hi there, and welcome. I'll look forward to learning about the game, because frankly, Blood Bounty sounds just about like what I want to play right now.

You won't see much eye-rolling here. The  goals of play you want to promote are just fine by most people here. If you want some solid feedback, maybe some playing and some comments about that, and some help with information about publishing, then you're in the right place.

If you do just a little editing on your posts, no need for perfection, then more people will read them with better care.


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« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2005, 07:58:22 AM »


good advice..the whole "I should edit my posts a little" thing...i will do my best.

So back to BB. Blood bounty started off (like ive mentioned) over a decade ago...it started as a board game, a quick little lawless thing to pass the night when a few friends were hanging out. from there it grew slowly into a table-top since we all been hardcore D&D-ing for "oh god" who knows how long...

Then i met "Ferg", a chubby number-freek who shared the love of gameing...together we designed our first rule's matrix for BB, nd we had a ball putting meat into the game...that was called Blood-bounty-3k (im sure it had alot to do with my love for MST3K at the time). Ferg was very good at keeping things very balenced, and brought to my attention the work that was involved with such a task as creating a universe, and rules to control it...

years went by, we made more changes...the third addition was made becuase we thought our game was good, but not great. the third addition was huge...4 books, (Galaxy runner's guid 'GM'. a monster's phylum, a player's book 'FCO guide', and a Galactic Market 'items n gear')

these 4 books were hand written and drawn...we copied about 10 sets at Ferg's work, and played for about 6 years before deciding it was time for the fourth addition....

the third addition left me feeling we needed the following.
1- faster rules with less math...(ferg loved math, i feel alot of people hate it)
2-full detailed rules and story (yes we all had rules and knew the story but alot of it was common understanding to to players, and never found itself to reach paper in a fully detailed manner.)
3- numbers had to be cut down...meaning we made all 1000s into 100s, all 100s into 10s, etc..that was a huge job, it ment remaking the entire game...not just tweeking it....hence 4th addition.

Anyway..i thought id share the classes "known as styles". there are quite a few, since like ive mentioned, death happens alot.

Guttersnipe (galactic thief or con-man)
Blackmarketeer (crime boss)
Vigilante (street fighter)
Voodooer (space version of a shamen or witch doctor)
Magi (three forms, Vodox, tech-mage and elementalist)
Hit-man (mixture of fighter and criminal)
Space-ninja (great class, mystical and deadly with handhelds)
Desk-jock (legal man who controls contracts and law)
Chop-doctor (augmentation and body-work...medical)
Fanatic (follower of one of the two gods...Lorn or Rhackma)
AWOL (military agent, escaped)
Assassin (class that is all classes...hardest style to obtain)
Proto-cop (home grown clone)
Inquisitor (hunter of the mystical)
Big-game hunter (beast master)

all styles come with 30-50 skills that only that class can have, and are also allowed to choose from "general skills" as well.

Ill type more soon.


ps- no player has ever lasted over 8 game runs in BB....the second longest runner lasted 6. And thats a LONG time. 8 sessions!? wow...
alot of gamers who hear about BB. and hear that your life-span prolly wont be over 1-4 games, usually think its a problem with the game's matrix...but no..its not. and it is one of the main reasons most people who play our game with us always come back for more.....ultra violent, and rated R.

thanks for allowing me to type.


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« Reply #3 on: July 30, 2005, 08:11:10 AM »

cut n paste from general market...

Personal satellite.
A personal satellite is a huge investment for any Up-stake citizen. Even at base level, with little in the way of stock upgrades, a satellite can cost an incredible amount of Cred. A base Satellite, without bells and whistles will orbit a planet or stay stationary over one location for as long as the owner wishes. The satellite can hold unlimited data as well as send the data wirelessly to any satellite uplink located below.
A basic personal satellite is normally 10x10x10ft and comes equipped with the following
Local Broadcasting.
 A broadcasting unit used to send signals to the planet below (a satellite uplink is needed to broadcast information to the satellite from the ground).
 A Palsic positioning system used to navigate the satellite around the planet’s orbit. These engines are not FTL, nor do they allow interplanetary travel. But they do allow the satellite to maneuver safely around the planet’s orbit quickly.
VSS-3. Security system.
All satellites must have a VSS-3 protecting its entire system to insure proper control and authorized permission to access the satellite’s operation systems.
Body: 65
Fortitude: 1
Field armor: 5
The base price of a Satellite without any upgrades costs 200,000c.

The satellite can also be upgraded at an extra charge with the following stock options if the owner wishes to pay the price shown.
VSS broadcast unit. (100,000c)
A VSS satellite broadcast unit can give a VSS system to any location as long as it is within the Satellite’s reach. The location must have a satellite uplink and 10,000c worth of new system work installed to run the VSS-3. The Satellite can broadcast its VSS-3 to as many locations as per requirements met.
Surface Cam. (25,000c each)
This upgrade allows One optical eye (per purchase) that can visually search the planet’s surface. This optical eye has enough zoom ability to read a book from space, or determine physical details of a common insect. The eye is limited to line-of-sight vision, and may take time to position itself correctly to search areas around the planet.
System link (10,000c)
This link allows the satellite to communicate with other satellites within the solar system effortlessly and in real time. This link will allow one surface Uplink to communicate to all satellites within the solar system connected by such a link, as long as one satellite is within orbit of the uplink.
Galactic link (55,000c)
This link allows the satellite to communicate with other satellites within the galaxy effortlessly and in real time. This link will allow one surface Uplink to communicate to all satellites within the galaxy connected by such a link, as long as one satellite is within orbit of the uplink.
High density Signal (100,000c)
This signal amplifier allows transmission or scanning through uniore of any thickness, and through blast-proof of up to 5inches thick. This will also transmit through scan-out with no trouble. Misuse of such scanning ability can result in prison time.
Living quarter (10,000c)
A living quarter is small but comfortable (5x5x8), fully stable and environmentally safe for life forms to exist within. The owner of the satellite can purchase as many living quarters as desired or purchase larger quarters by combining quarters and multiplying the price per space being purchased. If the owner wishes to enter, or dock with the satellite, a docking bay must be purchased.
Docking bay (15,000c)
A docking bay comes complete with an air-locking system that extends to connect to any ship docking with the satellite. Docking typically takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Once docked, the crew of the ship is free to safely enter the satellite through the airlock.
Repair system (50,000c)
This system holds dozens of E-bots that activate to repair the satellite of any and all damage as long as the body structure has not been reduced to “0”. The bots can repair 1 point of damage per hour and once finished they return to there holding places within the satellite’s hull. These bots can only repair physical body damage of the satellite and can’t repair complicated systems such as VSS programs or repair destroyed technology.
FTL positioning. (150,000c)
These small FTL engines are enough to get the satellite positioned anywhere within the planet’s orbit without taking a round to do so. The engines do not allow the satellite to leave orbit or travel across interplanetary space, but they do allow almost instant relocation of the satellite within the planet’s orbit.
Fortitude upgrade. (100,000c per point)
Per point of fortitude purchased, the satellite gains +1 fortitude. It is legal for any space vehicle to have a limit of fortitude 10, anything higher would be a federal offence.
Body upgrade. (10,000c per point)
Per point of body purchased, the satellite gains a +1 to its body structure. The satellite can have any number of structure points that the user is willing to purchase.
Field-armor upgrade. (25,000c per point)
Per point of field armor upgrade purchased, the armor field of the satellite gains a +1 to its armor field. The user is legally allowed a limit of 10 points. Any higher and federal charges may be filed.
Mounted weapon system. (500,000c per cannon)
A satellite is allowed up to three mounted cannon blasters that can fire on other crafts (or at targets on the surface of the planet if a surface cam is owned). The cannons take one round to fire and one round to recharge, allowing one cannon to fire no more then every other round. The cannons can fire simultaneously or individually in any order as long as recharge time is allowed.
The satellite can protect itself automatically without guidance but will not fire on Federal or UPD targets. The cannons can also be manually targeted at any target with the user’s command as long as the user has communication with the satellite.
Mounted cannons have a +10 to hit, and deal 1d20 damage.

To launch a satellite into orbit, the user must pay a fee of 10,000c, or manually tow it into space with a ship that is capable of towing heavy cargo. The satellite has free right to orbit and function within the limits of the law once purchased. If any laws are broken through the use of the satellite, the satellite will be immediately confiscated, deactivated or destroyed by Federal Enforcers of the law.
Permit: Riot
Price: (base) 200,000c

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« Reply #4 on: July 30, 2005, 08:35:54 AM »

and here are some of the Desk-jock's skills, cut from the Desk-jock-style section. I know without a basic understanding of the rules or the game's story, alot of these skills seem "weird" or impossible to understand....but im just throwing in chunks of info from the game.

the Desk-jock is, by far, my personal Fav of all styles to play...its not a combat intensive style, but the desk-jock is the only class that can start the game with alot of money (credit), and i personally love the styles that allow alot of non-combat use of skills (desk jock, Chop doc, Voodooer)

heres most of the Desk-jock's skills. (perhaps you can even figure out some of BB's key rules or story elements through this)

Desk jock.

Legal attorney.
The desk jock can roll a modified skill roll vs. dropping one legal charge per roll of crime (see below).
If the desk jock is successful, the charge is dropped from the trial due to the desk jock defending the defendant in a legal trial.
The desk jock can roll only once per charge.

UPD: 1d4.
FED: 1d6.

Pay raise.
This skill allows the Desk jock’s agency to double the pay of one legal FCO contract per target per month. The desk jock rolls per target, if successful the contract will pay the target double. This extra pay is due to the desk jock’s agency footing the bill in hopes to secure better treatment for their FCO, and better performance on the field.

Failed roll results in failure to secure double pay for target.

The desk jock can form and run a corporation that earns credit per month. The desk jock needs to place an amount of credit down to form the corporation the desk jock then makes a skill roll per month vs. doubling the money that was placed down.

If one thousand credits have been invested, then a successful roll will cause a one thousand credit return on a successful roll.

The player can place and remove credit freely from this placed credit. But the skill only doubles credit that is placed into the corporate account.

Any natural skill rolls of 1, result in losing all credit involved in the corporation (credit placed down) due to a horrific business deal.

Job refusal.
This skill allows the desk jock to work a deal with all agency’s involved with a mission that the desk jock is currently on. The desk jock can have any his agency convince all involved that a FCO will not be hired for the certain job.
The desk jock must be on the mission, or be on the contract ready to enter. The desk jock can attempt this skill once per agency, stopping a maximum of one FCO per player at any game.

Failed roll results in agency refusing to effect that player’s agency for that month.

Full pay.
This skill gives the player the chance to earn full pay no matter the phase of the mission he or she enters. This can be used on any legal FCO joining the mission. Each FCO gets once chance at this benefit, if fail, the target gets normal pay as seen by his entrance phase.

One who has a corporation skill, a business skill, or mass marketing can only own this skill. Those who do not own one or more of these skills, are not allowed this skill.

The wholesale skill allows the desk jock to roll vs. buying any legal items or properties at half price. This only works on business deals between legal vendors, and wont force personal or criminal prices to reduce.

Any item purchased in this manner can not be sold back to the market but can be sold personally by the desk jock to who ever pays the desired price.

The desk jock gets a skill roll vs. purchasing the said property or item type, if fail the price can’t be reduced that month. If multiple items or properties are being purchased, the desk jock roles per item.

3 slots.
The desk jock gets issued the following permits for free. All permits are issued through to FCO’s agency.

Hunter permit.
Riot permit.
Minor bolt permit.
Galaxy passes to all participating galaxies.

The permits are fully legal and can be revoked as normal.

Soft time.
This skill allows target safe time in prison. The target is kept away from general inmates and under full protection at all times. One roll will keep the criminal safe for an entire sentence (10 years).

Can be rolled per sentence of any target going to jail. This does not prevent charges, or the death penalty.

Witness protection.
The desk jock can earn a free identity change as seen in the black market with a few differences.
*Target is filed Federally as a protected individual and a federal or criminal back ground check will show the true identity of target.
*The target is still legally restricted by any and all convictions of the past. Permits, status etc can not break these restrictions.

The target is officially filed as dead and all property and credit is passed to the new identity.

Desk jock can attempt this once per target, once per month.

Penalty negotiation.
1 slot.
The desk jock can remove any and all negatives from an FCO’s record for leaving or failing a mission. This will remove all the marks, pay-cuts and game runs lost due to failure or leaving the mission early.

Collateral insurance.
This allows the desk jock to work out a deal with his agency. If successful, the desk jock’s agency will cover any and all damage costs of mission. This causes any damage clause to become unlimited.
This will only protect the FCOs from paying charges for damage to property not intelligent people.

This allows the desk jock to roll once per month vs. earning a free contact. The desk jock can pick the contact from the random contact list.
Failed roll results in no new contact for that month.

Life insurance.
This skill allows the desk jock to convince his agency to remove half the pay earned by all on mission in which the desk jock dies. The agency is assumed to be paying half the mission reward, and if the desk jock dies on the mission, all receive half pay.

This is rolled when desk jock enter mission, and all involved are made aware of this clause.

This is done with one successful roll done at the moment desk jock enters the mission.

For each slot placed on stock, the desk jock receives one stock. This stock has the chance to earn 10,000c per month on an unmodified roll of 1d6.

The desk jock rolls 1d6 for each slot owned. For every natural 6 rolled, the desk jock can earn 10.000c.
For every two 6s rolled, the desk jock can choose to earn a free stock-slot instead of taking the credit.
If three 6s are rolled the desk jock can cause a stock to earn permantly +10,000c on successful rolls of 6, instead of taking money.

These stocks can be freely given, sold, traded etc with any legal identity.

Power of Media.
2 slots.
Once per month the desk jock can roll vs. bonuses found below. The desk jock is a man of media, and has a limited fan base due to his field.

The desk jock makes unmodified rolls vs.
1d4: 20,000c. Media pay.
1d6: +1 10,000c to Media pay.
1d8: 1d4 servants.

Per slot placed on politics, the desk jock retains a level of political power. The power only exists inside the location that the desk jock commands over. The desk jock gets an unmodified roll per level of political power, per gaining benefits noted below.

The GM’s judgment allows the desk jock ability within his area of command. Access to police forces, federal investigation etc. but only within the legal boundary of his political radius.

Political power unmodified roll.

1d4-City-block manager: Pay 1000c per month. (1 slot)
1d6-City mayor: 10,000 per month. Federal-protection within city. (3 slots)
1d8-Planetary president: 100,000c per month, Federal-protection on planet. (10 slots)
1d8-System Lord: 1,000,000c per month, federal protection within system. (15 slots)

This skill allows the desk jock to persecute criminals in a court of law. The desk jock can over come legal attorney with this skill forcing charges to become guilty.
The criminal must be guilty for this to work, and the desk jock exploits this truth in a good old-fashioned trail of facts and questioning.

This skill can be used in reverse as “defense”, vs. one using this very skill. One successful roll will cancel the persecutor’s skill and allow the defendant to walk free.

*Multiple desk jocks can use this skill combined for a better chance at success. All desk jocks involved pool their owned slots to use in one modified roll vs. success.

Head quarters.
4 slots.
The desk jock gets perks for working for his agency. The desk jock does not own these perks and is liable to pay for any damage done to them. The desk jock receives the following.

1 Luxury-class Spaceship for inter-galactic travel.
1 Luxury-class street vehicle for inter city travel.
Vss3 security on all agency provided property.

The desk jock also gets a building of operations with the following stas.

*5-inch-thick blast proof wall.
*1d20 floors +1d20 floors per full game run.
*Fully furnished and paid for.
*1 worker droid per floor, hooked to systems.
*Vss3 security on all.

Chance to steal half pay from another FCO’s corporation, mass marketing or stock. The owner of this form of business pay only receives half the income and the rest secretly is dumped into the desk jocks bank account.

*A roll of natural 1 results in being found guilty of federal crime (no trial). Getting 3d8 sentences of jail time.

Desk job.
This skill allows the desk jock to ear half pay on a mission he is not on. The desk jock is assumed to have worked out contract laws, communicated much of the legal work involved and done some of the agency referral for the mission at hand. This complicated work is worth half the missions pay.
The desk jock can only earn pay on  mission that his agency supplies an FCO on. Meaning any game the player didn’t play, can not earn one of his desk jocks half pay.

This can be used once per desk jock owned by the agency in question. And the desk jocks only get paid if the mission is a success.

OK..thats most of the Desk-jock...im thinking about typeing up a quick history of the in-game BB story. dunno...soon.

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« Reply #5 on: July 30, 2005, 08:49:29 AM »

oh...keep in mind, i am aware of the editiing that is needed in sentence structure and spelling. but that is Ferg's job, and all fully edited works are on his lap-top not mine....ill post fully-worked work when i get a chance to grab the flash-drive he so nicely hands me when i need it.

oh..and as a added bonus, heres a link to unrelated art-work that ive done...all of it is old and from the mid-90s...my work has improved greatly, but my lack of scanner has left me with no new-art-work to show...

is anyone needs art work, and wants to pay a small fee...im here.


(the page is from my band...we make bad music)
Ron Edwards
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« Reply #6 on: July 30, 2005, 09:17:35 AM »


Hold up a bit! It takes time to read these posts, and it's not the point to post the whole game. Let some people respond, over a day or two.


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« Reply #7 on: July 30, 2005, 12:25:56 PM »

i hear ya boss...i know

but..if you look back to the first post..i said...i shall not clutter the board with multible posts, or tons of threds..but i will fill this one with a bunch of stuff.

now i know ill be posting volumes of stuff here, quickly..far to much info for anyone to make use of in a "forum sence"

but...i shall be flooding this thred with info...sumtimes even "stupid info". alls i ask is im allowed to do so...the game is huge, with story, rules, content of all sorts etc...technolgies, magics, law-systems, etc...

and i really dont think im gunna be using this thred for feedback or information other then posting to pass my time, and possibly interest a few wack-os who would enjoy a game like BB.

i guess what im saying is this...i have no idea how to post the way you like...just like i never had an ideas on how to make a game you would like....within risk of sounding rude ill simply say, ill post the way i post...

we have currently dozens of people who have played our game, a gameing group thats addicted...etc etc. ive worked for a printing press for three years, and have professional editors and what not...alls i really want from this thred is a place to post my info....yknow? im sorry if i waste ur time....but im rough around the edges and not the normal type-o-guy....im just a weird one. a weird one who has created an entire universe from the scraps of my weird mind....and i just wanted a place to post.


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« Reply #8 on: July 30, 2005, 01:57:10 PM »

You talk about the game a lot and specific rules, but you lack mention of mechanics that run your game. More interesting than skill and stats, we'd like to see the gears that get this baby going.

What ideas are it based on, what things are essential to the game?
Trevis Martin

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« Reply #9 on: July 30, 2005, 03:23:06 PM »

Hey Sifolis.

I suggest that a thread here may not be the best place for just an information dump.  If you need a good place for that, you could make some pages in the Game Lab on my website.  Or if you have some free webspace of your own, that would be good too.  The forge is really more useful for discussing specifics about your game, which you can then post  references  from where you post the full text of the game.



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« Reply #10 on: July 31, 2005, 09:31:33 AM »

again..i must confess, i prolly dont have the trained nature to follow the "common" posting style of most people here...none-the-less, here i am.

so mechanics and basis? hmmm..that is a hard egg to cook, but ill try to give what was asked for.

the game is a sci-fi space opera, once discribe to me as a cross between monty-python, dusk till dawn and blade runner (i kinda like that)...its takes place in a universe known as the "New-verse", a over crowded artifical universe filled with mechanical systems, man made galaxies, heatless suns, tomb-moons and many other things that would prolly have you telling me to "slow down" about...

The object (if thats what you would call it for lack of a better word) would be to finish the "contract" you have been hired for as a FCO (federally commision officer). FCOs take on the jobs that the UPD (universal police) are too busy to perform, and the FEDs are too important to investigate.
The common view of FCO-ism is that; if your poor, and a risk taking fool, you can sign up for a few FCO runs under a privatly owned agency (your bull-pen of played FCOs)
Each one-shot game plays fully through one game-run or mission. the game begins with a boss (or a rep of the hireing boss) presenting and disscussion the job (sort of like an interview). your hired to perform the mission by contract.
common contracts have basic cluases.

Damage cluas (how much damage will my agency cover and pay for)
Violence cluas (can i kill? who can i kill? what allows me to kill? almost all missions allow killing those who try to kill you first...right to defence)
Action cluas (can i forcfully enter? can i search? can i kick the door down or must i show permits and ask to enter?)
Danger level (usually effects pay)
Pay: depends on the mission.

When an FCO is hired, he joins the team of that mission (the player party)
From there they go out and try to perform the mission in best form. Some break the law, some stick to it, some just dont care. what ever style of play is used by the player, it dont matter...hey your here to have fun..a BB player ruins a D&D game the second he enters it...ive seen great roll players turn into assholes who kill everything after they play BB for too long. some never un-learn the brutal style.

There are diffrent ways a contract can be compleated, those are indepth and mechanical in the rule matrix of the game...i wont waste your time since your so into "post structure"...but again, i assure you, im no pro-poster, and your wasting your time dealing with a man who birthed this game....you prolly should click the sane game marker's links next time...


so you do the mission...you have the right to bring in a new FCO every time you die...and trust me...we have a graveyard (4 milke crates) of over 1000 dead FCOs. some missed, some loved, some hated, some legendary at our table, and some we cant even remeber entering the game...

When the missio is over, you spend your Credit account, you purchas skills, you spend "slots" on things you always wanted...you use your contacts...etc. soon, the BB realm (galaxy) your running turns into a crowded world filled with dozens of FCOs communicating and dealing good, tricking each other, moving in together to pool wealth, becoming rich, building robots, ships, homes, fortresses....doing jail time...oohhhh....the years ive spent in Galga's cells...if i only had the time to tell you...

anyway...since each player can own multitudes of players...the death count is high..there are a bunch of clever rules to make this fair and fun, not just a crazy "you die, bye bye game"....there is no coming back..you die..your dead....sorry. play again.

at one time, my agency of FCOs i owned and had option to bring into game at any time was 26...they are all dead but three now...the poster i drew was a sure visual sign of the death that chewed through my personal agency.

so..the tech is nuts..but scientifically pluasible. we are geeks here..and i am a radio-shack master. yknow..we like science...ALOT

the damage...brutal. blood, bones breaking or shattering, mind sickness, nerve damage, fire, ice, E-sol etc...you name it..its graphic and gross....took years to nuild that sytem...since i wanted by damage/combat system to mimic none...but we ALL know we all must stand on the backs of giants, and no work is "orginal: down to its screws n bolts.

So...um...violence...death...cash...and a %uck load of monsters, aliens, sci-fi-ish creations of our own...

well....if anyone still gives a damn, and doubt you ever did....im open to share what ever u want....but again...i disclaim;

"We here at BB are addicted to our drug we have created.We have enjoyed about 8 years of playing our creation. the book is intended to be published, it always was...but we waited to "know" it was professional, and NUTS. We do not post to cater to the "norm" or those who hate typos, or errors...we simply post cus we are board, we are trapped in a room typing monster,weapon,blackmarket-gear,Bolt-info or magics (yes we say it plural in BB). So please...if your world has fallen to the "controlled" way...dont waste your time reading wha we post...you will not find solace here."

with that sad..if there is anyone who thinks "yknow, i think im FCO", then ask question, call us dorks, send us he middle finger or sing along....we got all day.

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What battle mechanics do you use to play the game? What are the rules.

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Agility rules battle prob. The higher a player's agility, the faster he can move, act, or effect his world. All stats are 1-10 (2d10 call your ten die).
In a universe filled with countless races and phylums of life forms, agility scores can varie from low (1-20) to mid (30-60) to high (70-00). A 00 agility (100) would allow a player speeds that can cross 100s of feet of distance in under seconds, moving so quickly as to appear as a vusual blurr....like superman you might say...but in this universe, such speed is not uncommon enough to be seen as incredible, just dangerous.

I attack you by rolling 2d10 (calling my ten die), if i beat your agility score i hit you. a get bonuses for all aiming skills, scopes, technologies for targeting, training, etc. (a +45 to hit is not that impressive vs my military scope and augmented eyes that give me a +65 to hit all targets)

some attacks are made as "unmodified", no + to hit being counted due to the difficulty of the attack (militant action, mach dhom, universal super punch, bone break, etc).

The target suffers damage, much like hit points (but with a cooler name), when the points reach zero, your dead.

the game has both fired-weps and handhelds. (guns and close range). rules declare how damage is delt with both.
guns do damage in line with the weapon's noted damage (sprd dam, singl shot dam, etc).

Handheld weapons do not actually have a damage die to roll, but simply add a bonus to the player's normal hand damage rated by strength. sword +3 too strength dam, boot knife +1 to strength dam.

there are also rules for three types of mystical attacks.

Divine, magical and voodoo. all three balance the other.

battle goes around the table in rounds. each round is assumed to last 2-and-a-half seconds of time, and battle is often portrayed in slow motion for story effect (years before the matrix or bullet time).

turns come in order of agility. highest always first , lowest always last. it remove the fun of rolling to determin order of battle, but it also becomes very first-natured quickly. the 99 agility guy always beats my 80, ill always have to deal with him going first until he is dead.

There are few things in the new-verse that heal damage without magic or a mdeical permit (both not easy to obtain).

um...there are other factors like, nerve damage, bone damage, organ damage, etc..but they are called into play by weapon types that cause them.

your agility also determins your actions per round (your style or class can add a bonus to this), the number of actions you have is called your H2H.

goes like this.
Agility   Movement   H2H
1-10   1 ft per action   1/0
11-20   2 ft per action   1/0
21-30   5 ft per action   1
31-40   10 feet per action   1
41-50   15 feet per action   1
51-60   20 feet per action   1
61-70   25 feet per action   2
71-80   30 feet per action   2
81-90   35 feet per action   2
91-99   40 feet per action   2
100-110   50 feet per action   3
111-120   55 feet per action   3
121-130   60 feet per action   3
131-140   65 feet per action   3
141-150   70 feet per action   4
151-160   75 feet per action   4
161-170   80 feet per action   4
171-180   85 feet per action   5
181-190   90 feet per action   5
191-199   100 feet per action   6
200   125 feet per action   7

there are many races in the natrual universe that can reach inhuman levels on all stats. a strength of 90 can lift over 3 tons, but is seen as non-magical or unimpressive compaired to the Garr's strength of 110 (tough buggers those Garr, orange umpa loompa looking turds).

If a player's agility is raised above 00 (say to 125) it would be impossible to hit him without + to hit bonuses. skills, training, scopes, devices, implants...all these things can offer bonuses to hit if purchased or earned. such devices are commonplace in law forces to deal with such life forms who speeds are so high that the natrual biological eye can hardly see them.

the game is fun...fast and violent, but a nicer group can get along with each other if they wished. often FCOs team up and build bonds that last as long as they do.

did i answer correctly? or did i %uck it all up again?

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Agility rules battle prob. The higher a player's agility, the faster he can move, act, or effect his world. All stats are 1-10 (2d10 call your ten die).

1-100, not 1-10...your right, i should edit more.

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So, agility is your only stat?
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