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Author Topic: "Blood Bounty: Ultra Violent & Rated R  (Read 18701 times)

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« Reply #15 on: July 31, 2005, 03:49:28 PM »


there are 5 main stats, and three sub stats.

main stats are

all range from 1-200, but a maximum of 100 is the limit for a new-FCO.

all stats are basic role play concepts....the major difference is that we have no "inteligence" score (you are as smart as your FCO's skills and action portray), and the fact that there is no alignment....good/evil is not  a concreat idealism in BB. players are free to delv into deep role-play, with much thought into direction, emotion and conflict...while some perfer to run an FCO that dont give a flying %uck about plot..they just want to kill what they came to kill.

the system allows both true deep-roleplaying, and hack-n-slash loonecy.

the game plays smoothly..and has been well tested....forgive me if anything sounds rough around the edges or loosly built..we have rules for everything from space-travle, various computer systems, magical effects, complex legal vs. socile systems....you name it...over a decade of study and style. we worked hard to make this bastard child walk....and walk it does.

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« Reply #16 on: July 31, 2005, 03:51:23 PM »

oh...and this will prolly mean nothing to you...but...here
Agility   Movement   H2H
1-10   1 ft per action   1/0
11-20   2 ft per action   1/0
21-30   5 ft per action   1
31-40   10 feet per action   1
41-50   15 feet per action   1
51-60   20 feet per action   1
61-70   25 feet per action   2
71-80   30 feet per action   2
81-90   35 feet per action   2
91-99   40 feet per action   2
100-110   50 feet per action   3
111-120   55 feet per action   3
121-130   60 feet per action   3
131-140   65 feet per action   3
141-150   70 feet per action   4
151-160   75 feet per action   4
161-170   80 feet per action   4
171-180   85 feet per action   5
181-190   90 feet per action   5
191-199   100 feet per action   6
200   125 feet per action   7

Strength   Lift/press   Dam   BB+
1-10   x1/x5   0   + 0
11-20   x2/x5   1   + 0
21-30   x5/x10   1-2   + 0
31-40   x5/x10   1-2   + 1
41-50   x5/x10   1d4   + 1
51-60   x5/x10   1d4   + 1
61-70   x10/x20   1d4   + 2
71-80   x10/x20   1d6   + 2
81-90   x10/x20   1d6   + 2
91-99   x10/x20   1d6   + 2
100-110   x15/x25   1d8   + 3
111-120   x15/x25   1d8   + 3
121-130   x15/x25   1d10   + 4
131-140   x20/30   1d10   + 4
141-150   x20/x30   1d12   + 5
151-160   x20/x30   1d12   + 5
161-170   x25/x35   1d20   + 6
171-180   x25/x35   1d20   + 6
181-190   x25/x35   2d10   + 7
191-199   x30/x40   3d10   + 8
200   x40/x50   4d10   + 9

Ballz   Bldshd   Fort   Bone
1-10   1   0   1d1
11-20   1-2   0   1d2
21-30   1d4   0   1d4
31-40   1d4   0   1d4
41-50   1d4   0   1d6
51-60   1d6   0   1d6
61-70   1d6   1   1d8
71-80   1d8   1   1d8
81-90   1d8   2   1d10
91-99   1d10   3   1d10
100-110   1d12   4   1d12
111-120   2d6   5   1d12
121-130   2d8   6   1d12
131-140   2d10   7   1d20
141-150   2d12   8   1d20
151-160   3d10   9   1d25
161-170   3d12   10   1d30
171-180   4d10   11   1d35
181-190   4d12   12   1d40
191-199   5d10   13   1d45
200   4d20   15   1d50

Mynd   Mag   SPR   SPD   Sanity
1-10   0   0   0   0%
11-20   1   1   1   0%
21-30   1   1   2   0%
31-40   1   1   3   0%
41-50   1   1   4   5%
51-60   1   1   5   5%
61-70   2   2   10   5%
71-80   2   2   15   10%
81-90   2   3   20   10%
91-99   2   3   25   10%
100-110   3   3   30   15%
111-120   3   4   35   15%
121-130   3   4   40   20%
131-140   All   4   50   20%
141-150   All    5   60   25%
151-160   All   5   70   25%
161-170   All    5   80   30%
171-180   All    6   90   40%
181-190   All    7   100   50%
191-199   All    8   125   75%
200   All    9   150   100%

Awe   Fan   Serv   SPGR   Cmd
1-10   0   0   5%   0
11-20   0   0   5%   0
21-30   0   0   10%   0
31-40   1   0   10%   10
41-50   1   0   15%   20
51-60   1   0   15%   30
61-70   2   0   20%   40
71-80   2   1   20%   50
81-90   3   1   25%   60
91-99   3   2   25%   70
100-110   4   3   35%   80
111-120   5   4   35%   90
121-130   10   5   45%   100
131-140   15   10   50%   120
141-150   20   10   55%   130
151-160   25   15   60%   140
161-170   30   15   65%   150
171-180   40   20   70%   160
181-190   50   30   75%   170
191-199   60   40   80%   180
200   75   50   95%   200

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« Reply #17 on: August 01, 2005, 03:09:46 AM »

Hey Sifolis, and hello. I've got a couple of questions for you, but first of all thanks for what you've posted so far.

Could you give us an example of play, please?

I've got a broad impression of the rules and what goes on in the game - correct me please if I've got it wrong, but the impression I've got so far is that you play these FCO officers, they go out and do fabulous stuff, and they often end up dead. The system that you've got is detailed, with rules for all sorts of activities and technologies, and the core mechanic is rolling 2D10 to generate a percentile result, and trying to roll higher than your opponent's stat after modifiers have been added to your roll.

Regarding your mechanic, you said that you "call the 10 die" - does that happen before or after you've rolled the dice? I mean to say do you get to determine which is the tens die when you've got the results to look at? That would generate an interesting probability curve. You've also said that you add modifiers to your roll - does your opponent get to add modifiers to his 'stat', or does it stay the same?

Also, how do you resolve tests against things that aren't characters? Do players roll against target numbers?

Out of curiousity, what other systems have you played, and have you written any others?

Finally, and this is just a heads up, don't worry just yet about posting large chunks of rules text - they are interesting, but as you said the do "prolly mean nothing to [us]" - we don't have the same understanding of the system that you've developed over the years.

What I'm trying to get my head around at the moment is the basics of the system - before any of the cool stuff gets into my head, I need to know what  - in D&D the main thing I needed to worry about when I was learning how to play was if I needed to roll high, or roll low, and what kind of dice to roll at which time. With Ron's Sorcerer what I needed to know was to roll a bunch of dice and determine which was the highest, then work from there, and that doing well meant extra dice for next time. In GODLIKE what I needed to know was that I rolled a bunch of D10 and wanted to get them to match. With Luke's Burning Wheel what I needed to know was that I wanted to roll as many D6 as possible, and get as many of them 4+ as I could.

As far as I can tell, when I'm sitting down to my first game of Blood Bounty, what I need to roll is 2D10 as a percentile, and I want that to be as high as possible, and I can add extra stuff to it from my character's equipment, yes?

What's the next rule that I need to know?

my name is drew

"I wouldn't be satisfied with a roleplaying  session if I wasn't turned into a turkey or something" - A

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« Reply #18 on: August 01, 2005, 07:02:31 AM »

ok...cool....a dude whos listening...ill try not to fuck this up for you...here goes.

You call then "ten" die before you roll (but there is a magical weapon that allows calling the ten after you roll, but thats that). Yes you always want high numbers (unless your saveing vs. a stat vs a bad effect; save vs. agility vs. falling off ledge etc).

example of battle.

Dhalvid (My Vodox fleshien mage) has an agility of 88 (my highest score since most people tend to place the highest score on agility or Ballz), but the Umen (blue skined race that is very common) has an augmented agility (nerve implants) of 82...he is also high on a common street drug called Velocity-5 (giving him a +5 to agility for the next hour), making his agility a 87....the Umen goes first.

The umen is using a palsic-powered E-sol rifel, and he has three han-to-hand actions (h2h) per turn. the rifle has a +10 to hit (all rifles do) and he has a street-permit scope (+5).
The Umen spends one of his actions to fire at Dhalvid...roles a 33...what a miss.
Next action he decides to spend his action to aim (ganing a +5...alway a +5 to hit when spending an action just to aim, unless you have offical training, then you get a bonus equal to your training level)
The umen then spends his last action to fire again with a +20 to hit (+10 for rifle, +5 cus of aiming, +5 cus of scope)
he rolls a 72...+20= an attack roll of 92. this beats my agility of 88, and i am tagged by the shot.

the rifle deals spread damage (since the attacks were broken down into actions...a rifle has two damage levels; by action, or by full round one-shot) 1d6.

Now...i check my sheet, and i should know what i got. i have a street level padded-vest (physical armor), and thats a fortitude of 1, i also have a Ballz stat of 80, so i have a natrual Fortitude of 2 (total foritude is a 3, if im hit in the chest)
The attacker rolls the location of the hit...rolls a 1d10, rolling a 4, thats my chest. im hit in the chest.

rolls damage....1d6, and rolls a 4.
Now my fortitude subtracs from this damage. the vest fortitude of 1 subtracts one point of damage, my natrual fortitude of 2 subtracts two points of damage...i take 1 point of damage.

since its an E-sol weapon (think laser gun) i do not have to roll vs. any bone breakage, so i take the one point of damage. my total Bloodshed (hit points) is a 6 (cus my Ballz allowed me to roll 1d8 bloodshed when i made my FCO, i rolled 6, thats pretty high.)
Now i Have 5 points left.

Now its my turn...I have a mynd of 95 and im a flesh-mage. Im gunna cast spells without a doubt. with my high mynd score i can cast three spells pur turn and 25 spells per day...i choose the spells Ass-vomit (mynd of 20) Vein-pain (mynd of 45) and Fatten (mynd 25), i add the spells mynd power (20+45+25= 95....thats below my mynd score so i can cast all three within the same round), the victim saves vs. his mynd score on all three counts.
his mynd is 46, i should get a spell off on him if he rolls high. to save vs. the spells he must roll under his mynd.

vs. ass vomit, he rolls a 72...sorry thats not gunna help you. his ass explods with filth and waste, bringing his agility dwn by -5 for 1d4 rounds (thats the spells effect) and lowering his awe 1 point per round he suffers the effect (also the spells effect)

Vs. Vein pain he rolls a 32...thats well below his mynd score..the spell doesnt affect him.

vs. Fatten he rolls 47, one point over his mynd score..he fails to protect agaisnt the spell, becomes instantly fat, loseing -10 agility for 1d10 hours.

so that round my spells brought his agility temporarly down by -15 (an effective 750)

the next round, the umen decides to use his rifle in a full-round attack, bigger damage, but can not spread the attack in multible blasts.

he spends his whole turn fireing the rifle one time....and rolls 80 (with his +5 scope and +10 rifle, he hits my agility again)

this time he rolls a 2 on location...hitting my neck. no vest there so i can no benefit from the vests fortitude, but my natrual fortitude of 2 is my entire body, so i still can use that.

he rolls his single-shot damage since he didnt spread his attacks with the rifle.

damage 1d10....he rolls an 8.

my fortitude of 2 reduces all physical damage i recive by 2, so im hit for 6...that kills me. im dead. FUCK! lucky shot.

i bring in my second-string FCO that i pre-choose before we started play...im allowed a maximum of three FCOs per mission...he is my second FCO so ill recive half-pay if this new FCO survives the mission.

hope that helped? made sumthing clearer? there are alot of other things that alter battle or do diffrenet things..but thats the basics of attacking with a E-sol weapon. and some flesh magic for good measure.

thanks for asking....peace.

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« Reply #19 on: August 01, 2005, 08:01:28 AM »

Oh..almost forgot..You asked what games i have played..

D&D (all forms, been playing since 82), Rifts, Shadowrun, HERO system-5 (and 4), TMNT, vampire, GURPS, and a few games we have created and dropped. (and a few larps, nero, wolf)

the other two main-makers of BB have also played many RPG table top games, and one has had much art published in White-wolf's game books.

we have spent years loving and playing role-playing games...and over a decade of building and playing BB.

Before i started coming up with the BB story and rule system, i had only played D&D, but through the years ive had to exspand my understanding of rules and systems of play to insure that we were not copying or mimicing popular roll systems and what not....

alot of the hard-core systems of BB are unlike any ive ever played, or any of our player's fav games that they have played.
there are a bunch of key rules that i have never seen attempted, or done well..and we have designed these rules to work smoothly and alot of our players enjoy that.

alot of the revolutionary stuff is kept secret untill my co-designers allow them to be public...hell, one of them is upset that im posting here cus he fails to see reason. his argument is that most people online, in forums, have no real realtion to game design and that they have "at best" three month old games that they threw together half-ass....this game is our brain-child....from story, to back-story, to rules, to gear, to technology, to monsters to combat systems and economy...all very detailed and over a decade worth of fine-tuning.

i for one enjoy talking about the game, and see no harm in posting about it..and since i am the one who introduced the game to my co-designers over ten years ago....ill share whatever i wish...cus im an asshole.


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« Reply #20 on: August 01, 2005, 12:27:40 PM »

Hey again Sifolis - actually, have you got a real name? It feels a bit weird having a conversation between something that sounds like an antibiotic and something that sounds like a disease...

Anyway, thanks for that example of play. It gives me some more questions to ask, which I'll do just now:

The five stats each character has seem to have more than one function - you want to roll under them when you're making a save, you want them to be high because that gives you extra things to do (cast spells in a round, know spells, cast spells in a day, take actions, ability to resist damage), is that right? Skills and training add to your rolls, and equipment can add to your rolls and sometimes to your stats when they're being used as target numbers (your opponent is rolling against them) - is that right too?

Is there a short form of which stats do which things?

I'm trying to keep this as simple as possible because your game seems to have a lot of specific terminology and spellings that I consider to be odd, but I'm from the UK so most of our spellings drive people berserk.

Now, I'm going to ask a question that might be a bit of a challenge to answer - what do the people playing the game do when they're sitting at the table? Can you tell me without using much rules language? I'll give you a couple of examples to keep things fair - In D&D there are players and a dungeon master. The dungeon master creates dungeons which contain treasure and monsters, and the players take their characters through the dungeons, defeating the monsters to get treasure. It can often take several sessions to get through a dungeon to the treasure and back. That's not the whole of the thing, but that's the basic thing. In Dogs In The Vineyard, the GM creates a town, which contains demonic influence, and moral conflicts, and the players take their Dogs into the town to sort those things out. What's the division of responsibilities expected in a game like Blood Bounty?

Thanks for telling us what games you've read - it's interesting that you're concerned that your system might be mimicking or copying popular systems - how much of a concern was that when you've been working on these mechanics for all these years? Have you discarded rules or subsystems of rules when you've run across others like them?

You still play Blood Bounty regularly, is that correct? Have you had a look in the Actual Play forum? I'd be fascinated to read a log of a game of Blood Bounty - who did what, why the did what they did, what you enjoyed, and what the players enjoyed. Might we see you there sometime?

Finally, your friend does have some grounds of concern about folk on the internet having no clue about game design, but I'll tell you this (and for him as well) - the Forge helped me understand more about what I want and enjoy from games than anything else, and I consider it a great boon that I can use it to talk to people like Ron Edwards, Luke Crane, and Vincent Baker, who have all written games that I hugely enjoy, and regularly carry around with me to preach the gospel of intelligent design. Which, now that I've written it, isn't quite what I meant to say. The biggest problem the Forge has is that the people who post here are often busy - it takes a lot of time to digest things and think about them - the only reason I've posted so much here is that I'm on holiday from work and am avoiding revision.


my name is drew

"I wouldn't be satisfied with a roleplaying  session if I wasn't turned into a turkey or something" - A

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« Reply #21 on: August 01, 2005, 12:37:59 PM »

Oh, almost forgot - just in case you hadn't read the sticky thread at the top about policy in this forum - here's a link.

It may well be that we're leaving the usefulness of this thread behind, and you may want to consider my questions in relation to the above-linked document as the seeds of new threads, or of an IM - though I do think that some of the answers might be best addressed in public if only that others can contribute.

my name is drew

"I wouldn't be satisfied with a roleplaying  session if I wasn't turned into a turkey or something" - A

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« Reply #22 on: August 01, 2005, 05:07:46 PM »

Ive put thought into typing up a good session that we ran, just gotta choose one...so yeah, look for it soon in the AP forum...its coming.

the 5 main stats do regulate alot of things...and yes modifiers are everywhere in the game..from skills, training, items, tech etc.

yes we have strived to make a system that barrows as little as possible from other games...in fact, BB was first imagined as a game to play as a "break" from more serious games..a sort of release or escape from the typical good-guys vs. bad guys, happy as a clam, holding hands to destroy the dragon/wizerd/knight etc...

the entire game runs on our system, not a re-invented system from another game..i think that 99% of all role-playing games out-right steal or copy too much from the grandfathers of RPGs, this game was made with very strict attention to that.

as for, "what do people do" ill try to answer that to my best ability without getting to into game-lingo or weird wordings.

the game master (GR...Galaxy runner) plays the roles of "physics" and all npcs...as well as story teller....that part is true to old-school style of rpgs such as D&D. the glaxy-runner makes the mission in advanced, making maps, notes, NPCs , triggers/traps/plot-twists etc...he also has to take some time prepearing for the event of a party going NUKE (destroying itself for what ever reason..inner squabble, failure to perform correctly, out right losing)
The game-runner's most important job is to keep control, and entertain the party...since the players live shorter lives then most other games, its not that important to slow the players growth...in one game run you can get more power then you can imagin (if played right) or cheat the party out of millions of Credit (universal money)....the GR is not expected to limit your growth or try to slow your advancment....but he is allowed to kill you...

The players...the players play thier FCOs how ever they wish...some play certain FCOs with care and try to keep them alive, while they play other FCOs with wreck-loose abandon....its up to you...you wanna live?
Any way....the players are all hired by agenceys to do the mission..its a legal mission...they are given certain rights to deal with the mission (you can break and enter, but you cant kill anyone, or, you can kill everyone but you cant enter) the limitations are left up to the GR....
The players then must perform the mission...and hope to survive.
Ive seen mission go smooth..with players investigating a drug-ring and busting them with video survalance, and then cuffing them with little blood shed....
But ive also seen missions where the goal was to bring down an inter-galactic explosives dealer who was linked to terroristic acts across the universe....i watched them find his hide-out, enter the building, kill all the henchmen, kill the bomb-dealer...and then acidently set the bombs off killing everyone inside the building.

the mission is limited to the GR's imagination...a good mission has action, mystery, shock and excitment...a bad mission is boring and easy....

the FCOs know that their job s dangerous...and they are some-what legal police (temp cops)...so they choose how to do it.
every mission starts with the players choosing what three FCOs they are going to use today, and in what order (1st string, 2 string, 3 string)....when one FCO dies, the player can bring in his 2nd string.
all players are from different agencys, and are not always "sworn friends" or even "polite" to each other..its always interesting to watch whos gunna team up, whos gunna back stab the party, whos in it for the glory, and whos in it for the blood....

over time, one player can have many many FCOs that he played before, and can pick and choose from his stable of playable FCOs...I have one FCO (a chop doctor)  who i love, and he has 4 games under his belt, he has over 2 million cred and lives a nice life...i only bring him into game when i know my friend is bringing in his female ninja, cus that ninja loves my chop-doc and she always protects my back...but my friend also has an FCO (a vigilante) who i have fucked over in the past..and if we meet again, i know that brute will attempt to kill me the second he gets the chance...

The mission usually starts with the platers going to the location of the mission, or searching for it..they are all suited with whatever gear they purchased and an FCO badge. that badge allows you your rights as an FCO...and the from there its what ever hits the fan.....most contracts deal with criminals, or dangerous situations...most games turn awfully bloody and action pacted with fire-fights, or plot twists that leave the play's deciding if they want to actually perform thier legal duity or say "fuck it" and make a criminal deal with whom ever they are hunting.

theres alot of ways the game plays out...but every mission is a one-shot one-sit one-day deal..no on-going weekly story (though alot of missions are related)

there are no "levels", i always hated how a level 12 can NOT be hurt or killed by a 1st level..thats BULLSHIT...in real life a 12 year old with a gun can kill a well trained navy seal with a good shot....and thats how the game works...no levels, just survival and game-to-game danger in the universe's most dangerous line of work; FCO work.

um...how am i doing? sheding light or confusing the shit outta ya?

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« Reply #23 on: August 02, 2005, 07:44:58 AM »

i think that 99% of all role-playing games out-right steal or copy too much from the grandfathers of RPGs, this game was made with very strict attention to that.

You going to be at GenCon at all? Because if you are, highly recommend dropping by the Forge booth.
Looking at the above quote, it might be a good idea to toss in a "mainstream" or "homebrew" (ie handwritten, 3 ring binder games) qualifier. Most material here on the Forge has its inspirations to be certain, but so much more of it is offbeat, non-standard, that these "inspirations" are lost in the sea of purely original content. For a pleasent surprise, check out any number of the games here, some cool stuff.

Nate Petersen / daMoose
Neo Productions Unlimited! Publisher of Final Twilight card game, Imp Game RPG, and more titles to come!

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« Reply #24 on: August 02, 2005, 08:02:40 AM »

i will be checking the gencon out as soon as everything is printed and polished...things are coming along nicely, with art and editing and all....the rules are almost finished.


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« Reply #25 on: August 03, 2005, 09:33:35 AM »

Hey again Sifolis - just a quick question, more likely to follow - you say the rules are almost finished?

If that's the case, how can we help you in the Indie Game Design forum? I wonder because your questions might be better answered over in Publishing.

my name is drew

"I wouldn't be satisfied with a roleplaying  session if I wasn't turned into a turkey or something" - A

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« Reply #26 on: August 03, 2005, 05:00:46 PM »

the first time i found this site...it was when i was looking for publishing information, so yes, i will end up in that forum sooner or later.

most posts from the crew on this site keep asking why im posting, or whould i benefit more from posting somwhere else, and seriously..i dont know...alls i know is i found this site to be the most "well made" forum to speak of BB. Will me posting here help you? or help me? i hope so..but seriously, again, i dont know....but i do know i read almost everything here, and it helps me see what "i am doing diffenrently" then you guys..and what your doing differnetly then us over here.

and that helps for many reasons.

but, while im reading..i get antsy, and type a little about our game...i dunno why, i guess it makes me happy to post somwhere where people care about table-top games....you ever try talking about your RPG at a party of grown people? or worse, at the market? people look at you like your nuts....and if they dont, they are just being nice.

so yeah...forgive me a hundred times if im wasting your time...forgive me a hundrend more if im sucking at this whole "forum rules" thing..i simply know the game we made was made with much attention to detail, format and factor-of-fun...and alot of locals love playing our over-the-top game of blood, guts and destruction....and i just wanted to type about it.

I will be asking you guys alot of publishing questions when the time comes. i see alot of people typing about games they invented inside thier heads last week, and how they are not sure how the system will run, or what it will be about..that they just got the idea ..and they post.

me and my boys took over a decade polishing and designing our game...it runs like clock-work ad has done so for the past 2 addtions...so i figured this site was a place for my kind. so here i am.

i will say Ferg is getting upset over me sharing BB with the board here....since he co-owns the game, i sort of respect him and dont talk about what we seem to think is "revolutionary" about our game...since we have yet to see a single game anywhere pull of some of the things that are stables in our matrix. but still...i type.

i type cus this forum seems to be a place to disscuss home-made, self-brewed games that are not of the norm...

but yeah...

Selene Tan

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« Reply #27 on: August 04, 2005, 12:07:41 AM »

Hello. I'm Selene. What's your name?

most posts from the crew on this site keep asking why im posting, or whould i benefit more from posting somwhere else, and seriously..i dont know...alls i know is i found this site to be the most "well made" forum to speak of BB. Will me posting here help you? or help me? i hope so..but seriously, again, i dont know....but i do know i read almost everything here, and it helps me see what "i am doing diffenrently" then you guys..and what your doing differnetly then us over here.


i type cus this forum seems to be a place to disscuss home-made, self-brewed games that are not of the norm...

I also want to know why you're posting. The Forge is indeed a place to discuss "home-made, self-brewed games that are not of the norm", but it's a place for focused discussion. We prefer threads that stick to one topic, and often threads will be closed and split off into new ones when they've drifted too far from the original topic. Right now your thread is a mish-mash of introduction, random snippets from your game, and responses to people who're confused by the random snippets. It will be more helpful -- both for you and everyone reading the thread -- if you figure out what you want to accomplish by posting before you post. Is there a mechanic in your game you're having problems with? A mechanic that you think is a really clever way to solve a design problem? Do you have advice about how you got through the various stumbling blocks in the design process? Any of those (and others) would make a good topic, and would stop the questions about why you're posting.

A personal request from me: could you please revise your posts before posting? Right now they're very stream-of-consciousness, and I find it hard to follow.

RPG Theory Wiki
UeberDice - Dice rolls and distribution statistics with pretty graphs

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« Reply #28 on: August 04, 2005, 05:13:51 AM »


1- your wasting your time reading my posts...please refer yourself to a more structured thred , just so you can be in a "stream lined" world.

2- bubbling thoughts make the ocean of creation frothy.

3- again...i post cus i enjoy doing so.

4-I dont know why you wonder why i post...ive used every post to defend why i do it.

5- advice on how we cept on track and dedicated? overcoming obsticals? thats actually a good one...i reccomend coffee, dreams, math and a dedicated need.

i dunno what to tell you...i think ill have to leav the forum...to many people think they "invented" the "way to post creative disscussion"


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« Reply #29 on: August 04, 2005, 05:49:31 AM »

I just re-read my thred...i found this.

1- an introduction to our game and its style of play.

2- a direct disclaimer for those types who think they will be reading " a normal thred".

3- multible directions for you not to read this thred if your looking for a "normal" (by your standards) thred.

4- a indepth discription of some sides to our combat system.

i read my messages in my little message thingy and found

1- a message saying "i enjoy your posts"

2- a bunch of people trying to deliver to me a "forge code of posting"

look people...alls i asked was a place to type...one thred...thats it....i a large portion of you were all pretenious 50-cent word using anal-retentive types....thats why ive pointed you to other threds....yet still, over 50 people a day read from my thred...i dont get you...do you stick your heads in blazing fire just to point out that fire burns skin?

do you bash your heads with rocks, just to blame rocks for being soilid enough to cause harm???

within the realm of sounding rude, i must say...this thred is not for you..id like to learn how many people would read from here if the nay-sayers and english-teachers were to stop clicking this thred....so please...again....i beg of you...stop clicking this link if you chained by some fabricated doctrin of "how one should post, or present their idea".


i have read countless threds here that get good critic aproval, threds that sound as if they are based on the most loosly thought-out systems, sytems that balence on hollow ideas and the shittyest of dice sytems....or evern worse, games that come off as boring as playing a game about being the milkman delivering his load...or a garbage man stuck with the choices of what trash to scoop up next.

ive posted what our game does, how it does it, alot of inner logic to our style of play, dice systems, combat rules, etc....i was not following a structured "help me with this" style of typing becuase we are close to finished with our game, im not 15 and confused by dice or math, and ive worked for over a decade on the game...im sorry if you look towards posts that dont humbly beg you for wisdom....im sorry if what i type does not come off as "a young punk who needs you to fix a problem"

fact remains...our game is balenced, worked and re-worked, built and refined....im not posting for advice on how to start or finish our work...im posting to have fun disscussiong what ever aspect of the game i wish....

this thred stands as one....one vs. many that you would enjoy more..since most threds on this board seem to be either kissing the ass of DV or some other local talent (DV looks very fun mind you..the insult was not intended to strike that game or its clever desigers...more like praise them)
this thred exists to please me, and the few who wish to read it...is there a reason that 450 people have clicked the link to this thred? OTHER then to just point and say "not right not right"? i wonder.

alls im saying is this....shut up and read, reply if you wish...say what you wish...but dont think im gunna hand feed you an explination of why i post all looy-loo or sloppy, again...ive gone far out of my way to say this one mre thie..here goes.

"this thred belongs to the forge, and is created by a group of mad-men who made a game for the past decade...we have dozens of loyal lovers who beg for the game to be printed...and when its finally printed, we think we will have thousands of loyal fans....untill then, i will work on the game daily with my two other co-workers, and post here when im bord, on a break at work, or just feeling like i have somthing to share"

perhaps its my fualt that im american....i mean, my people are all big-mouthed rutter-heads who spit and cuss for the joy of it...and we meandor through speach with little effort put forth to be clean-cut n nitch-fitting....who knows...

but if you think a guy who types three pages in just under 5 minutes is going to spell-check, or stream-line hos forum thoughts, then your on crack...im not that guy..but you should have figured that out the very first post i left....

whos in the wrong? the willy-nilly guy who posts all wacky-and-loose, or the people who are confused by it even though the guy warned you he would do it?

dunno...you do the math..perhaps you can figure out the bell curve on the ratio of the dice when the modifier is blah blah blah blah.....

yeah this threds a lil wacky..but saddly i think its one of the few that back-up a real compleat game, not to mention the few threds that have anything to do with a play tested and proof-built system.

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