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Half Meme Press First Annual Unplanned Contest

Started by Paul Czege, August 02, 2005, 03:40:31 PM

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Quote from: Paul Czege on August 04, 2005, 03:42:13 PMBut I promise availability if you're not at GenCon.

So... I'm not at GenCon. Will you be sending Satyr messengers to Norway?

Larry L.

Well holy crap.

Yes, it was from the picture (BACC) and a crossword puzzle dictionary. The satyr dude kinda backed it up.

No, I actually went through every Game Chef and 24-hour RPG entry but found no Czege. I didn't actually think to look at the names of all those games, I mean if the word Czege doesn't appear on the page...

I also went through way too many backposts on the Forge, hoping Paul would have let the beans slip.

I will send an envoy all the way to Indianapolis just to pick this up.

Mike Holmes

I got it this morning as soon as I saw the picture. Not that I even put it together with the game posted to IGC. I just saw BAC and Bacchus, and would have guessed the name from that. Too easy!


Sending Eero, Matthijs?

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Quote from: Mike Holmes on August 08, 2005, 03:58:24 PMSending Eero, Matthijs?

Finland, Finland, Finland... the country where I'd quite like to be... just playing with Eero, or watching TV... Probably just as easy & expensive to get the game from the U. S. for me, actually.

Eero Tuovinen

Quote from: Paul Czege on August 07, 2005, 06:07:26 AM

I wrote and submitted it as M. Paul Buja. My Life with Master is a multiply award-winning game. I didn't want that to influence the judges.

Wha- where-!- Paul, you bastard! I was thinking that that's one game Paul Czege would be proud of. I just couldn't have guessed that one in a million years, I was sure that Paul's all burned out on design and resigned to sipping margueritas at his dreamland ranch. Glad to be wrong. And a false name, of all things! Now I'll have to read all those IGC games with an eye to whether they could after all be from one of my favourite designers. Call me elitist, but that personal connection to a designer's body of work gives me loads of new interest.

<grumble>Using false names is just not fair. I wouldn't dream of personally congratulating a M. Paul Buja on a fine game, and thus I miss my chance of telling Paul how impressed I was with the keen vision the game sets on an extremely marginal genre. Just not fair on fans.</grumble>

So, the next question: is the game available for retail? If it is, you know your fans in Finland will want it. Based on the IGC version, I expect that they'll be quite satisfied with their favourite bad-boy designer, too.
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Paul Czege

Larry, just let me know who's picking it up on your behalf. After all that work, you certainly earned it.

Mike, I blame Danielle's dice rolling. I guess the answer to whether an rpg designer can be recognized by his technique will have to wait for another day.

Eero, I think we can work something out. I'm sending you an email. But you should know that the rules of the print version aren't substantially changed from the pdf version that remains free in the Game Chef archives. I had expected the playtest to reveal mechanical issues, which I'd fix for the print version. But it played so great, better than the examples suggest, that I made only minor text changes.

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And if you're doing anything with your Acts of Evil ashcan license, of course I'm curious and would love to hear about your plans


FWIW, Paul, I liked the 'no soldiers in your opening die pool' fix on the basis of a first reading. Kira thought this game was cool though, when I described it to her. That's not a normal occurrence. Maybe you should run this instead of MLwM come October....I'd play. (But I'd like to play MLwM as well, of course.)

Victor Gijsbers

The Bacchanal PDF is the second text I ever read which contained the word demesne. Guess what the first text was - yep, My Life with Master. I sure hope all future Paul Czege games will contain this subtle trademark as well. :)