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Dogs in the Black: brainstormin' required

Started by anonymouse, August 09, 2005, 01:36:16 AM

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John Harper

Thanks for spelling that out here, Vincent. Now I have a post to point people to when they sort of squint at me and say, "It's a game... about... religion?" Um.... yeah. And Sorcerer is a game about "magic." Sheesh.
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From the title, I thought this thread was gonna be about adapting Dogs to play in the setting of Men In Black. Which could probably work too. Those memory-erasing flash things are a pretty strong temptation....

Marc Majcher

I just wanted to add another voice, agreeing that the connection between DitV and the Firefly setting seems natural.  Maybe it's just because I came to both of them at approximately the same time, but I had that same reaction - the conflicts and morality issues (and their resolutions) in the Firefly series immediately struck me as something that would be a truckload of fun to play using the Dogs framework.  Everything I wanted to say on the matter, Vincent and others have already said better than I could have.  So, uh, "me too!"