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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Started by Clinton R. Nixon, July 17, 2005, 07:47:38 AM

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Selene Tan

Quote from: Clinton R. Nixon on July 21, 2005, 01:21:54 PM
Top of the page:
Hey, X, you have 270 messages, 0 are new.
Total time logged in: 22 hours and 33 minutes.
Show unread posts since last visit.
Show new replies to your posts.
July 21, 2005, 07:20:30 AM

I think this comes up because when you log in for the first time, that section doesn't actually appear. You have to click the arrow on the left side of the bar with Home Help ... Logout to make it show up. Afterwards, it'll show up whenever you log in, unless you minimize it again and log out.
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Eric Provost

Ah!  The arrow!

I knew that stuff was there the other day...

Thanks Selene.


Andrew Morris

All the links on the resource page (at least, all the ones I tried) go right back to resource page.
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First, thanks for all your hard work converting to the new software, and being so responsive to user feedback!  I appreciate it.

I notice my bookmarks for the old Forge of the form now just take me to the Forum home page, although bookmarks by topic/thread (?t=#) still seem to be fine.  Is there some alternate URL I can use to reach post 164648?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



First of all, thanks! Looks better, works smoother, yay!

Second, though: When I click "Show new replies to your posts", sometimes some of the threads aren't there. Right now I'm getting "Sweet Dreams Cover" (;topicseen) as the newest one, although that one hasn't been posted to since July 1.


Some weird behavior I noticed today: at the main page, all the forums with posts I have not yet read show the green symbol. Yet when I click on "Show Unread Posts", the page pops up empty, telling me there are no unread posts. I can go right back to the main page, however, and find forums that indicate recent posts I have not read.
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Jack Aidley

Quote from: Jack Aidley on July 20, 2005, 12:49:00 PM
Your post in seems to be misformated after the change. is also badly misformated. I'm thinking it's something to do with lists that is breaking them?
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Jack Aidley

I'm getting scroll bars appearing on some of the posts, they don't seem to follow any sensible pattern though and just clip off the last line or two.

- Jack Aidley, Great Ork Gods, Iron Game Chef (Fantasy): Chanter


I used the search feature today, and it was returning entire posts, even though I had that box unchecked, and had checked "topics only."

M. J. Young

Thanks for the hard work, Clinton.

Here's a tough question: does the new format at all impact any of the rules/protocols around here? In particular, I've noticed that the first page has fewer threads on it. That, combined with the increasing member base here, means that when I come back after a week there are (to me) new posts, a week or less old, on the second page. The old protocol was always that you don't post to threads that drop off the first page, but since the first page is so very much shorter is that modified?

I'm going to post to at least one second-page thread in RPG Theory today, because someone addressed a question specifically to me that has not been answered, and waiting a week for the answer only compounds the problem. However, I will watch for an update on that policy for future reference.

As an aside, I note that there is nothing to distinguish the "stickies" anymore. It was rather confusing on the Site Discussion board where there are several of these, the software is marking everything "new" that I haven't seen since the software change, and the dates of some are confusing. If there's a way to change that, it would probably be helpful.

--M. J. Young

Eric Provost

I know this thread's getting a little on the stale side, but I really just wanted to say thanks.  The new three-dot image that lets me know that I've posted to a thread already is really groovy for me. 

I mean, five minutes after I finish reading and posting to a thread I may not remember what the title of the thread was.  So that obvious image, nearly stark alone in it's column, helps me out a lot.



M. J. Young

Kudos and thanks for the continued efforts, particularly the new sticky icon (very nice, very clear to my mind). I also like the dots, now that I know what they are.

--M. J. Young

Rob Carriere

This thing is turning into a real beaut.