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Pool Character Sheet

Started by Norbert Matausch, October 12, 2005, 10:23:15 AM

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Norbert Matausch

First of all:
Thank you James!
Ahem. Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away...

I have GMed/played PTA. I've GMed DitV. I've GMed Amber, Theatrix and Everway (all three of them for more than a decade) -- and then I discovered The Pool. And what can I say? It's all the goodness of player empowerment and director stance and other theoretical goodies wrapped into one simple die rolling system! The Pool is not good.

The Pool is darn great.

Having said that, I just wanted to let you know that I have created a character sheet for the game... veeeeeery simplistic.   (bw version, European format A4)  (color version, European format A4)

Comments are very much welcome!


"Nothing is true, everything is permitted"
(Hassan Ibn Sabbah)

Darren Hill


Way cool :) LOTS of open space to fill in!

Norbert Matausch

Hehehe, yes, lots of space to fill in :-)
Finally, a sheet that gives you room for character development ;-)
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted"
(Hassan Ibn Sabbah)