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Automatic login doesn't work

Started by Tim Gray, March 18, 2002, 11:52:00 AM

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Tim Gray

It says, tick the box if you want to be logged in automatically on future visits. It's not working for me. Is there a bug somewhere, or is it allergic to IE4?
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Clinton R. Nixon

I'm going to venture a guess and say "allergic to IE4." It works fine for me - but others should feel free to let me know if they're having this problem.

I'm starting to really hate all browser creators.
Clinton R. Nixon
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Fabrice G.

Hey Clinton,

then mark it allergic to IE5.5 too.... ;)

Seth L. Blumberg

Allergic to IE6.0 and Netscape 4.61 too.
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Tim Gray

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I haven't had a problem with IE6.

Armin D. Sykes

Just for the record, I'm using IE 5.5, and I have no trouble with auto-login. Those of you who are having trouble, please be sure to check that you have cookies enabled, as that's probably required for that feature to work.


Fabrice G.

Well, in fact sometime it woks, other times it doesn't...go figure.


Matt Gwinn

I was having the same problem.  You can fix it by deleteing all your cookies, or at least the one for the Forge.  The next time you log in it will set a new cookie and everything should work after that.

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thats good advice for any internet site that's giving you problems, especially after updates.  The web equivelent of rebooting and trying again.

Its also good advice to just do as routine housekeeping.  You can accumulate alot of useless (and occassionally some dangerous) cookies over even just a month of browsing.

Tim Gray

Thanks, that seems to have fixed it. (If anyone wonders how to delete cookies in Windows, use Explorer: Windows > Temporary Internet Files and scroll through a big long list associated with different domains.)
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