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Bacchanal Dice Set?

Started by Andy Kitkowski, September 06, 2005, 02:42:15 AM

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Andy Kitkowski

To run Bacchanal, you need (let's say for 6 players, to make things nice and average):

1 purple d8
1 black d8
1 red d8
1 silver d6
1 white d6
1 white d4
3 brown d8s
3 gold d8s
35 purple d6s

The latter can be covered by the following: ($5.50)
or ($8.00)
or ($8.00)

So my question is this: Anyone want to take the bull by the horns and buy a bunch of dice from Chessex, turn them into "Bacchanal Dice Sets", and sell them (with shipping, plus say $5.00 pocket money per set for good measure) to the rest of us?

Going by the standard Chessex pricing schemes, I figure altogether it'll all cost about $18 for the dice alone, and perhaps up to $28 when you include shipping and pocket money for the organizer.

Chime in if you'd be interested.

If nobody volunteers by, say, the end of November (I've got other things to do), I'll do it myself.

Because shit, December, lonely winter month... friends, warm fire to beat the cold outside... wine... comfy couch... PERFECT environment for hedonistic roleplaying.

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Hello Andy,

I know Don personally, having worked for Chessex, and they would more than likely put together the exact set you're looking for if you can drum up enough orders. Perhaps the ransom model could work for this, but I would definitely give Chessex a call and let them know what you need and ask what the minimum order would be. If Paul did this through Half Meme Press he'd get wholesale prices as well.



Larry L.

I had been thinking about this dilemma.

I'm still trying to scrounge up a true "burgundy" die for MLWM. Then Czege just goes bonkers with his next game.

Also, you aren't being pendantic enough about the specified dice. If you're going to take the trouble, you really do need to get the pearlesque die and the metallic die, not just "white" and "silver."

If we need exact specs (opaque vs crystal?), let's bug Paul.

Paul Czege

I bought a Bacchanal set from Chessex at GenCon. It cost me $22, because I was picky. I'll put up a photo tonight or tomorrow. Good brown d8s for the satyrs were the hardest to find. (I think brown has fallen out of popularity as a dice color. Danielle and I fished the three I bought from one of the big bowls of discontinued dice that they sell by the pitcher.)

I'll organize this if I can get wholesale pricing from Chessex. But I'm getting married in two and a half weeks, and absolutely won't have time until after that.

My Life with Master knows codependence.
And if you're doing anything with your Acts of Evil ashcan license, of course I'm curious and would love to hear about your plans

Paul Czege

As promised, my Bacchanal dice. (Most of them, anyway. It seems Minerva never made it home from GenCon. Ed, is Minerva in the photo you took on Saturday?)

And I know the rules say the Wine dice are supposed to be purple. The ones I bought are Chessex cranberry w/white, phantom series. I thought they looked more wine-y than any of the others. And as the designer of the game I think I'm allowed some latitude. I got the 12mm pipped dice block, which is 36 dice. (It's the only compromise I made from what would have been my truly ideal set. I would have preferred 16mm Wine dice, size matched against the Companion d6, also with numbers rather than pips. But the 16mm non-pipped dice weren't being sold in blocks. Only individually. And buying them that way would have more than doubled the cost of the whole set.)

My Life with Master knows codependence.
And if you're doing anything with your Acts of Evil ashcan license, of course I'm curious and would love to hear about your plans

Ron Edwards

Hi Paul,

You can certainly count me in as a customer for a set of Bacchanal dice, especially if one of them has a Half Meme Press stamp like the promo dice we all got at GenCon from Chessex.

I betcha I'm not alone.