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Wacky alternate setting idea from RPGnet

Started by Spooky Fanboy, September 18, 2005, 11:27:35 AM

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Spooky Fanboy

I stumbled across this in an RPGnet thread about, of all things, Mage: the Awakening. Bruce Baugh dropped the original idea seed. I chimed in about how DitV would be perfect for it.

Quote from: Spooky Fanboy
QuoteOriginally Posted by Bruce Baugh
One of these days I'm going to write a game in which Black Muslim theology is basically true. The best and truest human race is the black one, and it has - when not otherwise interfered with - magical powers and spiritual insight thanks to its high level of melanin. White people are the descendants of defective mutant slaves, who rebelled and destroyed many of their masters and keep the true humans enslaved out of a mixture of fear and envy. We either have no souls at all, or have only weak and frail ones, and much of the magical power we do have depends on stealing it from black souls, physically and spiritually

SWEEET!! I would play this game in a heartbeat! It would give me a chance to break out my collection of 70's funk, in addition to some Public Enemy CD's as well as my collection of Last Prophets tapes. Blaxploitation, but with a burning, militant racially-charged core. Hoo-wah!

Do you know how easy it would be to port this setting over to Dogs in the Vineyard? Playing Black Muslim defenders in Harlem or Cabrini Green or Compton fighting against The Man and his minions of Nazi skinheads, crooked law-enforcement officials, the Mafia, and race-betraying "sellouts." Good Lord, it's the game I've always wanted to play, but never knew it until now!

Just a testimony to the many unusual settings that DitV is capable of.
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Jason Morningstar

I think he's referring to Nation of Islam and some unusual things both the Honorable Elijah Mohammed and Louis Farrakhan have said at various points.  It's really not appropriate to tar all "black muslims" with that particular goof-brush.

That said, why go for fantasy?  You could totally work up a Black Panthers Dogs game, although the town in crisis chain of events would need some work.



Basically any mythology in which good men carry the One True Way to the people will work with DitV.

Jedi have already been discussed, in other threads.

Men in Black.

Knights Errant.

It really is quite a flexible ruleset, not matter what Our Esteemed Author might think.

That being said, I agree with the warning that it should be played two or three times "straight" before fiddling with it.

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