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Author Topic: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Sorcerer  (Read 2183 times)

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« on: March 22, 2002, 07:59:51 PM »

No I am not joking. I was up earlier this morning and for a lark I flipped Power Rangers on. It was some Animal Mech varient of the show called Wild Force or something equally silly. As I watched the vaguely shamanic communication between one of the rangers and his vehicle I had an Ah Ha moment.

Power Rangers as Sorcerer,

Heres How
Each of the Power Rangers is Bonded to his vehicle which is in actuality a powerfull object demon granting the various ability boosts, zappy effects and when the demon is manifest, travel.

The telltale is both the strange looking medalion and of course the costumes. Faceless colored things....

The demons needs, well there the tricky part If you want to play the deomns as Good more or less they need to help others.

Other less savory needs include Youth, notice how young the rnagers, always young...

Another esoteric possibilty, the demons need Cooperation. Each time the Rangers stop acting as a team the demons get hungry. Team Work Rangers,  Team Work....

of course it wouldn't be Sorcerer without transgression.
Here are two possibilities

First The Rangers demons are protecting humanity from the various monsters that they run into. The Transgression is more of a sacrifice really, the Ranger gives up a lot of being a normal Teenager to become part of the interdimensional war.

A second option, the Rangers are pawns in an interdimensional war.

By accepting the Bond that makes tham a Ranger they allow both sides to use Earth as a battle ground....

The great thing about Sorcerer is how flexible it is, almost anything can be a game of Sorcerer. Just wait till I do Smurfs....
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