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TROS & GNS (split)

Started by Balbinus, August 19, 2005, 01:49:28 PM

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Callan S.

The pursuit of the system does look gamist. Say we did it in a game where the game text says 'levels are good'. Then we get into it. That's pretty much gamism as I understand it.

Now, say in game a PLAYER says 'My PC's love is so great, he will risk his life for her!'. Then we get into it.

The problem is, this is a narrativist address. And all the getting into it, is done in the name of that address and really expressing it. Thus getting into it is not gamist, it's nar. Every little sword swipe...just expressing that address even futher!

Well actually, I bet you could play gamist at this moment if you tried really hard. But if you did, it would prompt some other cheeky bastard player to pop the gamist question "Why does he risk his life for this chick? That's pretty stupid when he could risk his life for levels instead, which would also help him protect the chick!" and what do you say then? You either go nar or bow to his gamism and sharpen up your act and pursue levels!
Philosopher Gamer