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A note from Ken Whitman about RAPID POD

Started by kenw, September 28, 2005, 07:54:28 PM

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Dear Publishers,

Rapid POD is a printing company that was created by a disgruntled game publisher who wanted to become an industry leader in developing new ways to print RPGs, card games, board games, etc.

Unfortunately, I lost sight of this goal during GEN CON and disappointed several smaller game companies, as well as, myself.

I promise to increase customer service and communications over the next 14 days, and we will finish up any undone business.   If any publisher feels like Rapid POD owes them something, please contact me at  or call me at 270.422.7797. 

I want to make everyone, not just larger companies, feel like we are looking out for them.

Also, we have invented POD GM Screens, POD playing cards, and are days away from finishing up POD Board Games. 

I look forward to working with all of you and once again sorry for being an ass,

Ken Whitman




Thank you for your note.  I look forward to seeing the changes at RapidPOD.

William Andersen
Games from ComStar Media, LLC