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[DitV] Comprehensive Alternate Setting Thread...

Started by foucalt, October 04, 2005, 06:52:28 PM

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A Hybrid with America in the '50s (detailed background for a more global/neutral Faith and a more modern setting)
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Gaming Ninjae in the Vineyard (set in modern times, for those who are familiar with dysfunctional gaming groups and wished that some people would come and fix what was wrong).


Has anyone thought of playing Grammaton Clerics from the movie Equilibrium?
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I think it has been mentioned as a good idea, but I don't think it has gotten any more attention than that.

If not, yes that is a good idea.  If you do anything more with it, be sure to let us know.


this CNN story about a man killed by the IRA for spying for the British offers an interesting modern-day Dogs setting

"During its 27-year campaign, the IRA's internal security unit tortured scores of IRA members suspected of passing information to British intelligence. Typical IRA methods included applying electric shocks, and administering cigarette burns. Those who admitted informing had their confessions audiotaped before being shot in the head; their bodies were usually dumped -- naked and with hands tied behind their backs -- on rural roadsides."

probably just as distasteful as any of the Secret Police settings, and further complicated by the existence of a second main story likely to overshadow the jobs of the Dogs - that is, the conflict between the IRA and the British. Still, there's probably some interesting play to be had as the Dogs try to mete out judgment on their fellow Irishmen, some of whom may have only been cooperating with the British in the interest of long-term peace.

Vincent: If you think this post is likely to threadjack, please let me know & i'll start it as a new thread.
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Has anyone considered Gunslingers, as taken from Stephen King's Dark Tower series?

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Aurors in the Ministry:

1. Someone gets Hurt.
2. Pain leads to Fear.
3. Fear leads to Crime.
4. Criminals become Renegades.
5. Renegades use the Dark Arts.
6. The Dark Arts lead to Hubris.
7. Hubris leads to Murder.
8. Murder leads to Waking up the Muggles.
9. Waking up the Muggles leads to Seeing which AK Kills Faster.

My group didn't like because they thought aurors weren't mobile enough.  I would remedy this by making the characters traveling Aurors outside the British Isles.

I also had an idea for Sentai in the School, which a friend of mine is now desperate to run.  Obviously, Sailor Scout and Power Ranger types are also generally confined to a town and a school therein, but I would remedy this by making each conflict have to do with a different clique.

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Gah.  The above post was mine.  Elliott is a friend.  He must have signed in on my computer and forgotten to sign off.

Anyway, just so the post isn't completely worthless: why has no one mentioned the old "Star Trek" idea?


Quote from: Mr. Sluagh on May 10, 2006, 03:28:34 AM
Anyway, just so the post isn't completely worthless: why has no one mentioned the old "Star Trek" idea?
I've messed around with the idea here. But i havent played it yet.


I'm gonna be playtesting an Eastern Heroic Fantasy game. Probably with a Naruto style setting (fairly light hearted colourful ninjas), and also possibly with hardcore japanese chanbarra or Ninja Scroll style setting (dismemberment and angst about duty). My notes are in the link.



Quote from: foucalt on October 04, 2005, 06:52:28 PMKnights in the Mist: Charlemagne or Arthurian-era Knights sworn to further the True King by destroying the influence of the old paganism

On this, maybe History can help. :D

Charlemagne's Paladins were the Knights of the Palace (Palatium), the innermost circle of nobility, working colosely with the King (Emperor after 800 A.D.). They were often to do the most delicate and sometimes undercover work to further Carolus Magnus plans about the rebuilding of the Western Empire after the fall of Rome.

Pagan Saxons east, riotous Lombard Dukes in Italy, Muslisms pressing from conquered Spain, Orthodox Byzantyne, just name it. There's enough trouble to be stirred against Charlemagne's "utopy" of a New Order in Europe... :)
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Has anyone ever tried using Dogs mechanics for the setting found within Steven Brust's Jhereg novels?

Off the top of my head, sorcery would replace guns, there is a huge emphasis on relationships and belongings.

I can really see the Conflict system working for the verbal exchanges and the hectic pace of the combat action when it takes place.


Here is D&D-based setting with added moral conflict. PCs are tasked to keep the King's peace, and upholding his law. Includes simple rules for magic.

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