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horror or not?

Started by Paul Czege, October 06, 2005, 12:15:07 AM

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GB Steve

It depends on how we play it. At cons I've run the game as a pretty straight horror game although, as Mike says, there is inevitably some humour as to just how low PCs will go.

My Life with Tony (Blair) and My Life with Santa although primarily played for laughs did throw up some great horror moments. My Life with Jesus was played relatively straight with less laughs, but a fair amount of wit. Much of the humour was about the casual cruelty of Jesus and the way he controlled the situation to present a good story, whereas it was his minions who either set up or even, in the case of Judas, actually performed the miracles. As such it was also less horrific (unless you're a big time Christian perhaps) than the other funny games.