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[DitV] The Territorial Authority

Started by oliof, October 12, 2005, 11:02:24 PM

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it seems that not many of the sample towns and branches here have the T.A. as part of the town setup. Do You regard the T.A. as an important part of play? If Yes, what kind of moral dilemma does the presence of T.A. imply?



I use it as a backup complication.

If things are going TOO smoothly, I can have a couple of marshals ride into town, for example.
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James Holloway

I've got a big TA presence in the town I'm running at the moment, because I wanted to have the whole "community vs. outsiders" issue pointed up. TA addresses particular issues, in the same way the Mountain Folk do. They won't come up in most of my games, but in this one it was important to have some outsiders who weren't totally alien (one of the Dogs is from Back East, so there's that point of contact too).