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Another album for the Dogs in the Vineyard Soundtrack

Started by Judd, October 17, 2005, 09:28:37 PM

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I just picked it up on a whim, it is by two guys who make music under the band name, Earth.

The album is called Hex: or Printing in the Infernal Method.  I wouldn't pick up much else by them for this purpose, as I have read this album was something of a departure for them.

Its all moody guitar and wind chimes and such.

Horses whinny in the distance.

Great stuff.


This weekend I also discovered "Slim Westerns vol 1 and 2" by A Small Good Thing. It's slide guitar in the vein of Ry Cooder's Paris, Texas soundtrack but with a creepy supernatural vibe.

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I'm just putting together my DitV soundtrack (playlist, rather) and thought I'd throw in a few things I haven't seen mentioned in the soundtrack threads I've read here.

Songs I know are available on iTunes:
America's Bluegrass Band - Sinner in Sin Too Long
Charlie Waller & the Country Gentlemen - Circuit Rider
Dr. Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys - O Death
Lou Reid and Carolina - Wrath of God
The Louvin Brothers - Sinner You'd Better Get Ready
Roy Acuff - (I'm Dying) a Sinner's Death
The Stone Coyotes - Call off Your Dogs (actually I think Vincent mentions them in-book)
Utah Phillips - Dog Canyon

From the Ennio Morricone Anthology:
Theme from "A Fistful of Dollars"
Per Qualche Dollaro in Piu (For a Few Dollars More)
Navajo Joe
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Big Gundown
Farewell to Cheyenne
Once upon a time in the West
Citta Violenta
Theme from The Untouchables

From Hank Williams Sr (Mostly great pride & repentance country songs):
Calling You
Wealth Won't Save Your Soul
When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels
I Saw the Light
Six More Miles (to the Graveyard)
Lost Highway
The Pale Horse and His Rider
You Caused It All by Telling Lies
The Battle of Armageddon
When the Book of Life is Read
'Neath a Cold Gray Tomb of Stone

Also these albums:
The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - Mile Markers
Neko Case - The Tigers have Spoken; The Virginian
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Jason Morningstar

All a matter of taste, but the Louvin brothers have some deeply weird and beautiful songs charged up with anxiety and righteousness  - glad to see them in your compilation. 

Spade Cooley is another one that just sounds off-kilter to me - cheerful melodies but sorta scary messages, especially if you know the story of his life - I reccommend "shame on you". 

If you ever need Mountain People ceremony, or old-timey fiddle music, I like to some kickass LoC collections here:




That's cool, Vincent! I'll definitely be adding some of that in.

Also, Jason, I poked around some more after the LoC collections you linked to piqued my interest, and found some additional useful material in the following collections there:
David Younce

dave dot younce at gmail dot com


David Younce

dave dot younce at gmail dot com


Hi all.  I'm preparing for my first DitV series with some friends.  I've been burning to play this game since I got it a few months ago, and now I get the chance (after having to scrap previous plans due to a pestersome hurricane).  Of course, any game has to have some music.  Here are my contributions to the ongoing list.

I'm using quite a bit of bluegrass by the likes of Flatt & Scruggs, the Dillards, and Bill Monroe and Doc Watson.  I've also mixed in some tunes by Alison Krauss, both with the Cox Family and with Union Station (Check out, especially, "When God Dips His Love in My Heart").  I'm sure most folks here have checked this stuff out, but here are some odder additions I've made...

"Tom Dooley", by Snakefarm (hard to find, but worth the effort.  They also do a fine cover of St. James Infirmary)
"The Wicked Man Shall Fall", by Ben Harper and the Five Blind Boys of Alabama
Vintage C&W tunes by Sons of the Pioneers, Hank Snow, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and Lefty Frizzell (sometimes just to provide comic effect -- nothing lightens the mood like "Tumbling Tumbleweeds")
Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" (not the techno remix stuff, just the original)
A few tunes from the Deadwood soundtrack, especially "Hog of the Forsaken" by Michael Hurley (bizarre stuff).

...and even some handful or so of medieval tunes by Mediaeval Baebes, notably "How Death Comes," "Erthe upon Erthe," and "The Coventry Carol."  I think these will do nicely for introducing a possessed person or a particularly creepy scene.

Aside from these, I have some instrumental tracks from various soundtracks, including "Hellraiser" and "Hellraiser II: Hellbound," which can't be beat for creepiness.  I'm also using some of the more soulful and gospel-influenced tunes by Tom Waits, including "Jesus Gonna Be Here," "Come On Up to the House," and "Murder in the Red Barn."

That's it for now.  I'm enjoying this forum, and I've been taking note of other folks' musical choices.  Thanks.

Clinton R. Nixon

My Dogs albums:

- Johnny Cash, "My Mother's Hymn Book." Any Cash is good - this is excellent.
- Pine Valley Cosmonauts, The Executioner's Last Song, Vol. 1 and Vols. 2 and 3. Amazing collections of murder ballads.
- Tom Waits, "Real Gone."
Clinton R. Nixon
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Jason Morningstar

Whoa, that sacred harp singing is where superlatives go to die!

I am TOTALLY going to get me some of that.  I really like the fact that it is vocally muzzy and can slip into the background, without discernable lyrics.  It is positively eerie to hear a community raising its voice in almost aggressive song.  You don't get that much these days.  They have five .mp3's on their site as well:



I can recommend the soundtrack to Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus.  I listened to it fairly heavily while prepping for our current Trinity Dogleg Branch game. 

I'm not much for documentaries, but I'd also recommend the movie-- a recent BBC production on religion and poverty in the American South.  I've now become a Jim White fan.



The soundtrack to Cold Mountain is worth picking up.  It contains some sacred harp ("Idumea," as performed by the singers of Liberty Church), as well as a very mournful "You Will Be My Ain True Love" and a haunting "Scarlet Tide," both sung by Alison Krauss.


Hey all, I just registered but have been lurking around a bit.  Loving, absolutely loving, running Dogs.

For potential music I'd like to add (oddly enough) the first 3 tracks of the Diablo 2 soundtrack.  Got some good guitar and eerie undertones.  Works well for a game with the supernatural dial down pretty low but not off.


Speaking of good guitar with eerie undertones, check out Ry Cooder's work on the Last Man Standing soundtrack, especially the beginning and end titles.  The S/T also has some nice bits around the middle, including two tracks ("Where's the Girl?" and "Find Him") that I've used when running past horror games.  They're creepy enough to set a mood, but subtle enough to fade into the background, unlike some main titles that seem to crowd to the foreground during play.


My brother-in-law just two days ago introduced me to Nickel Creek.  They're well worth checking out: bluegrass arrangments with a broad variety of moods and colors, and some occasionally compelling vocals.