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"Mark as Read" should lead back to the next higher level in the hierarchy

Started by Vaxalon, October 21, 2005, 04:54:58 PM

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When you hit "Mark as read" on a general forum, it should open the list of general forums, and when you hit it on an indie publisher forum, it should lead up to the list of indie publisher forums.
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M. J. Young

I actually don't agree with that. I know that's how a lot of forums work, but I prefer to see that indeed the forum is now "marked as read". It also gives me the opportunity to see if by chance someone else posted since the last time I refreshed the page.

But then, I never go through the forums in sequence. I open a window for the main page, then another for the forum I'm currently browsing, and then another for the thread, and I'll open tabs for additional pages on many of those threads, so I can look back at the other windows easily.

Of course, it's not a majority opinion thing, but I like the current system.

--M. J. Young