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Started by Jeroen, October 28, 2005, 01:51:49 PM

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QuoteJust as a little thing of knowledge, Mandragon is a roleplaying forum from Belgium, but in the Flanders, Belgium, people also speak a dialect of Dutch. Actually, In the Flanders, people speak Dutch, French and German, because those are their neighboring countries.
No we don't. That's a very foreign-centric notion, isn't it?
We speak Dutch because we sort of grow up speaking it. We speak French only because they teach us in schools and because it makes us feel linguisticly superior to the people in the southern half who don't speak Dutch. And we don't speak German. We just take Dutch and muddle up the sounds a little so that it gets the meaning across (kind of).
We also pick up English, from tv. Usually, we just take the profanity and leave out the boring bits. I mean: who needs dental fricatives anyway? I sure don't.
Oh, and it's Flanders without the "the", thank you very much. It can't be a plural, you see, as I have no idea what a Flander is.

Quote(Imaginary chameleons are so well-camouflaged that you only think you can see them).
QuoteI want one. Hey--I can have one. In fact, I do now. (hee-hee) I think I'll name it Jarvis.
Jarvis is a good name. Very appropriate. Just don't lose him out of sight: it's imperative to keep him away from cats. I can't stress this enough.

QuoteI'll wait for Jeroen to describe the highlights.
Yeah, sure, let me do all the work. I'll post it in the near future. There's holidays ahead, so I should be able to find some spare time in between reading through the h2g2-books and watching B-movies on TV.

I'm sorry for my potentially de-railing this thread.

Victor Gijsbers

Quote from: Jeroen on October 28, 2005, 01:51:49 PMI'm sorry for my potentially de-railing this thread.
You didn't because you pressed the wrong button and started a new topic instead.

* smiles *

Emily Care

Hi Jeroen,

Thank you for the note about cats.  I have three & now I know why they were looking at my shoulder & licking their lips.  I guess cats have a good imagination. : )

I look forward to hearing about your game, and am glad for the corrections & info.  I think it's high time to learn more about the world.  Way too easy to be insular & ignorant.

Koti ei ole koti ilman saunaa.

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