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More Names, More Places

Started by Jason Morningstar, October 07, 2005, 02:22:17 PM

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Jason Morningstar

Hey Everybody,

Dave Younce put together some Dog's-themed name generators for people and places and I posted the files on my site:

His names go way deeper than my "Names Among the Faithful" booklet (culling cryptic tongue-twister names from the BoM, for example) and the towns are a nice touch, too.  They are for an app called TableSmith but the files are readable as text as well.



Feel free to edit out the Mormon-centric stuff if that's not the flavor of your game, or to change the weights (the number before the comma is the relative probability of the stuff after the comma). Some sample Town names:
Isaiah's Ridge
Sycamore Mill
Desolation Pines
New Nineveh
Dudley's Rock
Derrick's Plain
Belief Crossroads
Elk Pass
Glory Marsh
Big Saddle Plain
Walker's Ridge
Ryon's Arch
Scrub Oak Canyon
Frontier Hill
Tribulation's Valley
Hell's Crag
Horseshoe Desert
Shotgun Junction

Thanks to Jason for hosting it!
David Younce

dave dot younce at gmail dot com

Ben Lehman


The link to "female names" is broken.


Jason Morningstar



I am printing these and making some nice backing for the covers, scuffing up the pages and dying them a suitable colour.

Should come in handy for an "I always carrry my Good books" trait :)

Nice work man.
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In case you missed the other thread, these are online generators now at Abulafia

David Younce

dave dot younce at gmail dot com