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a hybrid system for one shots

Started by poppocabba, June 02, 2001, 05:26:00 PM

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i am kinda jazzed about my new idea. The character sheet is simply a half page "to do" list slightly altered with a section on the bottom called "how" , and a character name on top.

the to do part of the sheet is simply character goals, and the how section can be open. i think it would be best to start with one how that ended in an "-ing verb"" and one how that started with "my" so for example "licking it all up" "running real fast" "seducing the guard" or "my amazing cleavage" , "my antique shotgun" "my superior intelligence" "my cast iron stomach"

then comes the second stage of character creation which is based on mad stage 2    the gm has a prepared character background that he reads, and the player fills in the holes ala mad libs. the gm can put any modifiers on the request example: "non-sexual verb" "non-violent adjective" in some places to give a little more control then the player (and optionally the gm) adds goals, and hows based on the results

I am thinking some more collaborative and narrative like baron munch hausen or I could have a simple mechanic, or I could leave it as just a method guideline to be used with other systems

I am then also pondering a third stage that involves more player interaction in the process along with an "amnesia version" to save time where the players are partnered up to do the mad libs bit and no one knows their background. the third stage could alsothe concept of involve drawing random to dos and hows along with background snippets from a hat, or I would like to find a less random yet still dynamic way to drive story and facilitate group dynamics

the contentions are conventional skills in rpgs are too time consuming, un original and limiting. as well as con/one shots need to focus primarily on group motivation and cohesion rather then on individual backgrounds the characters can infer behaviors from given a limited time frame

I am really into hybrid character statistics (both game and player defined) right now, because that is where I am going with schismatic draft 4. I think some predefined characteristics need to exist for defining relative party skill levels, and relationships to npcs, but I also want to avoid a skills system that is uncustomizable and lethargic too. most task resolution would be characteristic based. i think it makes more sense, the more historically earlier you place your setting to do it based on raw characteristic,   so each task would not only be rated by difficulty but by specialized knowledge areas.
so what do you think?

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Ron Edwards

I think I'm a bit shocked by how experimental you-all are getting. I was all happy with being Mr. Forefront Game Fellow (at least in terms of Elfs), and now I can barely log on at the Forge without getting my mind blown. (Did you see what Clinton suggested in my own Sorcerer forum? DID you?? There oughta be a law.)

Anyway, when you get this hammered out into an actual form, I'd like to see it. It sounds like something that lends itself to genre-heavy play - that is, a setting/situation and protagonist/type context that many people are familiar with.