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Tolkein must be rolling in his grave

Started by AChicony, November 30, 2005, 10:33:12 AM

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So I'm in the games shop flicking through the new Lord of the Rings RPG and KAPOW!!! It hits me like a tonne of Balrog turd! What is this shite???

I'm not usually the one to bag other peoples stuff, but what a disappointed, how derivative, how ironic that Tolkein Inc. once took TSR to court for using 'hobbits' in their game!

(Back of hand on forehead:) Oh the waist! Oh the shame!

What they needed was someone who understood the subject matter. What they needed was Robin Laws...


Eero Tuovinen

Huh? Did you mix up The Forge and RPGnet, Andreas? You should know the etiquette better by now. PM me if you really don't know what's wrong here.

And without any intent of flaming (or whatever the youngsters call it when you discuss things in bad faith), it's spelled 'Tolkien', not "Tolkein".
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Ron Edwards

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Eero, when something is this off-base, let me handle it.