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Farewell to the forum, but not to theory

Started by Ron Edwards, December 02, 2005, 03:22:52 PM

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Ron Edwards


This forum is no longer available for posting.

That doesn't mean you have to stop talking about ideas. My hope is that the ideas can now be presented, initially, in the proper context: your own experiences of play. Whereas before, someone could say, "I don't get Fortune-in-the-Middle," and that would start a thread here, now, I want them to say, "Hey, in our game last night [last year / twenty years ago / whatever], Bob did this and I liked / did not like it. Is that Fortune-in-the-Middle? It seems like it must be, based on the definition ..." and the discussion can go on from there.

Eventually, I'd like to post a kind of "topics archive" set of links. So someone could see a list of threads that all pertain to character classes, for example. I'll be adding to this thread to show what I mean.

I would appreciate the community's effort to provide within-Forge and off-Forge links to help build this archive. This really can't be done by one person.


Ron Edwards

Here's an example.

Races and classes (ordered from most to least recent)

The function of races in fantasy RPGs
The role of fantasy races in FRPGs
Shadow World keywords - races?
[Arrowflight] Pixes, poison, and duty
Mike's standard rant #2: race/species/culture
Race in heroic fantasy
The class issue [contains many links to other important threads]
What do you think?
Particles of character class

Send me lots of stuff like this, by email (, and we can generate quite a library, I think.