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Collecting Towns

Started by Levi Kornelsen, December 10, 2005, 07:09:11 AM

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I recently ran my town Crooked River Flats at Gateway 2007 and had good success. Jason Morningstar was nice enough to post it on his website. Link below:
James R.

Indy Pete

I also recently ran a Town at the local club: link below:

@James R. (NoClue): good town there! There seems a lot going on though... is it more of a 2 session town?


Yeah it definitely needs more than one session to not feel too rushed. I like it because everywhere the Dogs turn there's someone coming up saying "help me. fix this." Its a big sandbox, which may be my years playing D&D shining through. The next time I run Dogs I'm going to try a more straightforward town to see how that plays.
James R.