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Required Purchases - do they work or put off?

Started by daMoose_Neo, December 15, 2005, 05:44:40 PM

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Joshua A.C. Newman

Nate, what I'd do, I reckon, is include frequent references in the text, not just an appendix or something. So if someone really cares about it, you make sure they know.

Perhaps, for instance, you'll say "This is how you create an Imp. If you want more detailed Imps, you'll want to use character creation from The Imp Game, pages 22-24."

Then at the end, have a full-page illustration from the Imp Game, give some back matter kind of stuff, and an easy URL the reader can type in to order the first book.

I'm very curious how this works out. Best of fortune!
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Reading the mind you are ^_^
Already writing those portions. T&M includes a couple of new imp types, so I've already got basics for imp creation, examples, and references to the original title, as well as rewards that link back to M&M but aren't neccesary to play (IE Starting a new dungeon with an M&M crew gives freebies on Dungeon Creation).
Linking the two up like that is a cinch ^_^
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