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Does Lore a Sorcerer Make?

Started by Lisa Padol, December 13, 2005, 01:48:39 PM

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Ron Edwards

Lisa, you are golden with real gold.


Lisa Padol

Thanks. Good to know I'm making the easy ones.
<Does happy dance>
Looking like I'll have plenty of time to update my Sorcerer journal and figure out Ysabel's Price and Telltale, and how to mess with the characters without messing with the players more than the players want to be messed with. But, on the off chance the strike ends early tomorrow, I'm keeping dice, index cards, and 3 page "Bangs et al." notes. Character sheets are effectively on my pda, and if it doesn't have the latest increase, I am confident that my players will remember what went up for their PCs.

-Lisa, remembering that we've fit in 3 sessions before the end of the year, and she would have counted herself lucky to have managed to coordinate 1