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Parasite Powers

Started by Trevis Martin, December 28, 2005, 06:18:36 AM

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Trevis Martin

Hey Ron,

I want to know if I have this right.  The book notes that a Parasite always confers all its powers except Boost (which it can confer optionally) to its host.  In our game we have a sorcerer that is hosting parasite demons in people in order to control them with the demon causing them pain if they don't do what he wants (special damage, convulsions).  There doesn't seem to be a way for a Parasite to do this per the rules.  Is that right?



Ron Edwards


Both of your questions illustrate that you are mixing up conferring with targeting, which is a common error.

1. Boost is never conferred, ever. It is controlled by the demon, activated and targeted as the demon sees fit.

2. The parasite demon you're describing works just fine. But the abilities it has need to be controlled by the sorcerer, activated and targeted as the sorcerer sees fit. That's what "conferred" means.