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dice (a regrettably mundane question)

Started by Adam Biltcliffe, December 27, 2005, 08:15:19 PM

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Adam Biltcliffe

So, forgive my first Forge post for being on such a banal question, but ...

I just now ordered a copy of My Life with Master, and I gather I need a bunch of d4s. I'm at my parents' for Christmas, and there's a friendly local game store here which sells all the dice one could ever want, but I have to go shopping before I go home, which means before the game actually arrives. So, I gather that the suggested setup involves a couple of dice of specific shapes and colours in addition to a pool of generic d4s, and I figure if there's the chance they I may as well do the thing properly.

So, um, what are the specific colours and shapes of the special dice in MLwM?

many thanks,


Trevis Martin

You need a number of d4's perhaps as many as ten.  You also need one burgandy d4, an orange d6 and a white d8  (or at least they have to be different from the regular dice, those are the official colors called for in the rules.)




Besides the one burgandy, one orange, and one white -

Do everything in hot pink. Ultra bright, hot pink.

It's practically required for every game. :P

Adam Biltcliffe

Many thanks!

I'll, um, consider getting them in pink.


Michael S. Miller

I run a lot of MLwM at conventions and found ten four-siders to be insufficient. I got the Crystal Caste spindle-type because they're easier to pick up--plus they're a lovely marbled black.

If you're just trying the game out, 10 should be fine, though.
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I've also just bought it and am pondering the question of dice. I think John Kim suggested as many as thirty d4--would this be necessary?
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Victor Gijsbers

Quote from: droog on December 28, 2005, 07:28:00 PM
I've also just bought it and am pondering the question of dice. I think John Kim suggested as many as thirty d4--would this be necessary?

Not at all. I've never needed more than 12 or 14. The numbers get higher if you play with higher Fear and Reason, so if you play a 3 Fear / 2 Reason one-shot, you like won't even need 12 dice.

Also, if by some mischance you do need more dice than you have, you can simply have the player and the GM roll subsequently instead of simultaneously.


I just ran my first three-Minion one-shot, and knew I wouldn't have enough d4s. I found it economically viable to order in bulk from, who also had single orange d6s and single white d8s, although only a full set of burgundy dice. In the end I also got 25 each of red and green d4s - red for the Master, green for the Minions - and never had more than nine of either colour in play at any one time.

Still, just having that impeccably arranged triangle of 25 red d4s available to me appeared to have a slightly daunting effect on the Minion players, so I don't regret it for an instant!
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