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Started by Starblade, January 10, 2006, 04:16:28 AM

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Will the forge ever get a livejournal of some sort, for any purpose? It could end up very interesting. Or it could end up tragic in some way. My question is: Has anybody ever though about the possibility?

Lance D. Allen


Several members of the Forge have Livejournals, and post theory and even game development ideas in their individual journals. Additionally, I know that there is an effort to collect various theory blogs from blogspot and other blogsites into a single site. It's not entirely what you're asking, but it is related, and therefore I figured it might be of interest to you.

Perhaps some of the people mentioned will post their journal names (and perhaps they won't.. it's obviously a personal preference). The people involved in the consolidation of blogs will probably post on their progress when they get something they want to show the Forge community at large.
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Jack Aidley

The Forge is a place, not a concept, so I don't think it could ever be LJ'd. You may find these LJ communities fit the bill however:

Neither of them has seen much activity as yet.
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Nathan P.

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