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Human Wreckage

Started by hardcoremoose, June 05, 2001, 05:24:00 AM

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Hey Guys,

I just finished writing up a little game based on the idea of the ever escalating body count (as seen in cheesy horror movies).  It needs a lot of work, and I'm not even sure if it's playable, but I'd be ever so thankful if some of you kind gents took a look at it and gave me some feedback.  The link is:

I think it probably bears a similarity to SOAP, although since I've never read SOAP, I can't say for sure.  I've heard a lot about it in the past week, though, so my thought patterns were probably influenced by Mr. Crayne.

Take care,


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Ferry Bazelmans

Sounds like fun, Scott. ]:)

It sounds like the RPG version of my favorite cardgame, Slasher: the final cut (Precedence Publishing). You might wanna try it sometime. You'll laugh your ass off.

There seem to be sections still missing though. I do hope you're planning on incorporating them?

Crayne" target="_blank">The BlackLight Bar
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Ron Edwards

I too am a fan of Slasher, which despite a certain "lag" factor at times is another excellent developer of role-playing skills.

It seems as if Sean's Dead Meat, Crayne's Soap, this new icky opus from Scott, Once Upon a Time, and Slasher ... and probably a couple others I'm leaving out, are turning into quite the package of RPG innovation (even granted that the two card games aren't really RPGs).


Zak Arntson

... PLUG PLUG ...

I put up a game (that surprised me with its similarity to Soap) here, that's since gone on to web-friendly HTML format.  Instead of the modern-day soap operas, it's a Narrative game bent on those great powdered wig & corset costume dramas ...

Courts & Corsets:


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I couldn't help but think of Slasher while I was writing it.  I should also credit unodiablo, as it was Dead Meat that made me think I should be writing a horror RPG game.  That and the 'All Elfs Must Be Eaten Thread'.  I intended it to be more of a standard RPG when I started, but it kind of took shape all on its own.  I think I still got a 'standard' RPG in me for the genre, but I like this one just fine.  Now if only I could get someone to play it with me.  :smile:


AMEN! I've only played Dead Meat twice myself. I think it's time for me to post for a solid gaming group in Madison! Or find Ron a job in Radical Biology in Madison, and get Tony Lee to move Dynasty here... I need to win the lotto! :smile:

I printed this off, going to read it tonight, can't wait!!!
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Hey guys,

Human Wreckage has been now has rules for Censorship, Script Approval, flashbacks, dream sequences, cut scenes, and even some advice to players.  It still needs work...the tone and voice of my writing continually shift, but the text is readable (I think).  I need to clarify Business a bit more as well, but I think it's time to start work on the Director's Cut.

Have fun everyone,