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asylum seekers [charecter generation and some of the system]

Started by zompire, February 03, 2006, 09:31:24 AM

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OK My idea for the character being so short also is that I'm not planning on asylum seekers being an In depth Rules game, But i can see your point.
To answer on the playtesting front, this may be a few weeks into the future before i get a playtest because of allot going on with my life at the moment, but i will make sure and get one down to help people.
I would like to ask one questions actual how do you think that I could make it so the characters are more individual for each player, I was going more for the point of having the players Roleplay more to individualise themselves in the game but any suggestion to help on that front would be nice especially since This is a system Ive had in mind for a LONG time and i have grown attached to it for this reason i am trying to get feedback on how OTHER people could help improve it cause as up to this point only I have really known about it and it works well in my head but then again i am going to be publishing this in the future so other people is really who counts here.