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[DitV] First Initiation, and Podcast!

Started by xjermx, February 04, 2006, 01:59:36 AM

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Well I ran an initiation for an interested player the other day, and we podcasted it.

A couple of small questions came up along the way, but the biggest has to do with fallout.

In her initiatory conflict, the stakes were: Does she cope well with a failure?

At the end, Sister Mithka had significant fallout, even though we rolled d4s.  Well, we couldnt decide how it worked if she had enough fallout to merit an injury.

Take a listen!  I welcome feedback on anything we did wrong, or particularly right!  (I trimmed it down to cut out dead air and such)

Its 18 Megs and in MP3 format.


Very nice podcast, thank you for this.  I'm really enjoying this trend toward audio recordings of actual play.

A couple of things I did notice, immediately upon listening:

1)  When you're determining Fallout after a conflict, be certain you're only taking the highest 2 dice of all the Fallout you roll.  From the sound of things, your player took 14 Fallout from non-physical narrations which isn't possible; the highest result should be an 8.

2)  The ceremony Fallout that was discussed during the Accomplishment does not reflect dice a Dog can roll when using those types of ceremonies, those dice must come from Traits or Belongings.  What it does reflect is the die size of Fallout done to appropriate opponents (demons, spirits, etc) based on narrations that include those particular ceremonies.  For example, while you can't really do any harm to a spirit with an axe, you can do an equivalent amount of Fallout to one by anointing it with sacred earth.  My understanding is that this is basically done to allow a Dog to use more potent Fallout against incorporeal opponents.

All in all, Mithka's player sounded like she was really engaged and had a good time, which is awesome.  Did you two go on to play further?  If so, how did it go?  Do you have recordings of it?



Thanks for the feedback about two dice for fallout.  On re-reading I see what you mean.  Also, thanks for the clarification about ceremony and fallout.

I have run another player through initiation.  She wanted to help someone to keep their Faith.  Another Dog during training was questioning his own commitment and ability, and she talked him into staying.

I didnt podcast this initiation I'm afraid, but I did figure out how to make the MP3s smaller.  I've now got the previous initiation down to about 5 megs by changing the bitrate.  Anyone inclined, please take a listen and let me know if the tradeoff for smaller size reduces quality of recording too much.

Hoping to run Dogs for 3 or 4 players this weekend, and I'll try to capture the whole thing.