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Rule Suggestion: Musical Cues!

Started by DevP, February 06, 2006, 06:10:04 AM

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Here's my rule suggestion:

QuotePlayers will give the GM songs that they feel are appropriate for their character or the setting. Once per session, in a conflict, the player may invoke this musical theme. The GM will cue up the song to be played; the character will recieve an extra 1d6 towards the conflict. In-game, it could be said that only the most holy or most damned souls can hear this music, and then only faintly. (So what your character hears is up to you.)

This is roughly treating "thematic music" as a normal belonging, 1d6. I'm considering that I may even be willing to lift the "once per session" limit; I've wanted more mixing of the music with the gameplay, and I wouldn't mind if that happend more than once-per-player.


Hm; with modern equipment this would be fairly easy.  I already keep my Palm pilot handy at the game table, if each player submitted an MP3, I could play them into a pair of computer speakers fairly easily.
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Or, for me, my handy Powerbook. In my case, I actually have quite a few DitV-worthy songs, so unless they had a specific song in mind I'd provide. (The great Soundtrack thread has more than enough suggestions.)


I would like to hear how this goes. Probably it'll be fun goodness!