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Author Topic: Forum policy specific to Indie Game Design  (Read 14236 times)
Clinton R. Nixon

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« on: April 09, 2002, 09:05:53 AM »

The following policies apply to all posts within Indie Game Design.

1. All threads started in Indie Game Design should be about either the process of designing a game, or a game you are actually designing. It doesn't matter if you have the entire game written, or notes scribbled on a napkin - but you should have a clear coherent idea of what your game is about and where you want to go with it. If you cannot answer the question, "What is my game about?" do not start a thread.

2. There shall be no threads started of the "re-creating Game X" or "Game X done right" style. Examples of bad threads would be "Conspiracy X done right" or "A narrativist version of Rune." Your game may well have similarities to another game, and that is fine. Discuss your game, however: good examples of the two above would be: "Supernatural spy game focusing on action/horror" and "A narrativist game about Vikings."
Clinton R. Nixon
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Clinton R. Nixon
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